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Alexnader Chima, 34, sat horizontally with his mighty frame occupying the lower entrance of the Federal High Court Complex, Abuja. Although he is not a lawyer, he speaks the language of the Law fluently. He can even cite legal authorities on decisions of the Supreme Court.

Tucked at the foot of the building beside him are two wooden tables. They are heavily loaded with big books strategically arranged to attract potential buyers. They are Law books and Chima is a Law bookseller.

As a young graduate of Business Administration and Management from the Institute of Management Technology [IMT] Enugu, Enugu State, selling of Law books was originally not on his cards. He took to the profession after years of endless search for white colour job: 'I started this business in November 2002 after my National Youth Service [NYSC] in Abuja. After searching for work in the banking and commercial sector without result.'

After years into the business, Chima said he has no regret selling Law books, as 'it is lucrative business.' He is in no way into unfamiliar terrain. Two of his elder brothers who introduced him into the profession are into the trade that has become a family business: 'I was introduced into this business by two of my elder brothers who are into this line of business and since then I have no regrets.'

Lawyers are bookwarmers
'Lawyers are very simple people who read a lot. With them around, there is no dull moment as they talk on virtually all issues. I always enjoy their company. I used to think that they are difficult people. I have come to know them as simple and gentle people who don't want to be intimidated. They read a lot of books and sometimes I feel for them.

'I have cordial relationship with lawyers. All the Senior Advocates of Nigeria [SAN] in Abuja know me. Anything they need pertaining to Law books, they will call me to supply them and I always do with joy.'

Lawyers not liars
'Lawyers are very friendly people when you interact with them. Some people see them as liars but that is not true. My interaction with them has shown that they are nice and honest people. They can even help the poor and the needy in the society but they hate intimidation.'

I read law books and cite cases
'I find some of them interesting. Even though I'm not a lawyer, I refer lawyers to some cases and recommend books to them depending on what they are looking for. In some cases, I use to glance through the pages and contents of the books just to know the subject matter.

'One day, I wish my son or daughter to be a lawyer. I have mixed and interacted a lot with lawyers and I'm influenced by the profession. I cannot go back to read Law but one day, I wish that my son or daughter would be a lawyer.'