5 Evident Reasons You Should Vote with Common Sense.

These are 5 things that is likely to happen if you vote without thinking about the six years of this Administration. They are based on assumption, analysis and earlier actions of government.

1. Naira Crash: According to Bloomberg, Nigeria under Jonathan is likely to witness the devaluation of Naira. Their analysis predicts that "the naira will weaken to 244 against the dollar in six months and 261 in a year." Aside the economic challenges, the Nigerian government under President Jonathan is known for deliberately devaluing the Naira to increase its purchasing for the boost in capital expenditure. The problem is that rather than an increase in infrastructural development in Nigeria what has always accompanied Naira devaluation is inflation. So expect to buy less with more under Jonathan.

2. Corruption Brokerage : We are likely to witness massive milking of the economy. Government officials and cronies earned a four years license to compete under a budding lootocratic government.

3. Fuel Hike : What began as a New year on January 1st, 2012 will go full scale should Jonathan win this election. Recall that it took real pressure for Jonathan to reduce the price of fuel to 97 naira from the 150 pump price. If he wins tomorrow, he won't need any reason to fear or bow to any pressure. Expect a raise!

4. Other Hikes : 80 per cent increase of import duties on products. This is a government policy on hold awaiting enforcement after elections; Increase in electricity tariff despite epileptic power supply.

5. Human rights abuse : Clampdown on opposition or government critics. We are likely to see the other "gentle" side of this government. It has started now but will enjoy full implementation after this election. The shutdown of newspapers in Abuja a couple of years back; the highandedness of the Military especially in the North, etc are shadows of things to come once this power is renewed. Meanwhile, one Aljazeera reporter is allegedly held hostage by the Nigerian Military, we are expecting clarification on this incident.

P.S: Ask yourself : "How has this govt bettered my life?" If you cannot answer it in 5secs then you need to think again.

Showunmi Rex ( @remirex )

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