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Watch Jega, Northern Leaders, Group Urges Nigerians, Observers

By Abdulmalik Inuwa Suleiman
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The Coalition of Civil Society groups under the umbrella of National Democratic Front, NDF have charged Nigerians, local and foreign observers in the country to keep watchful eyes on Professor Attahiru Jega and some Northern leaders during the upcoming general elections.

The coalition body hinted that it is aimed at avoiding chances of short-changing some sections of the country due to the low distribution of Permanent Voter Card, PVC in some parts of the country.

Rising from a roundtable discussion on the 2015 General Elections held in Abuja yesterday, the Coalition alleged that Nigerians are going into the elections with so many unanswered questions bordering on the recent activities of Professor Jega.

The group said the low distribution of PVCs in some states may lead to the disenfranchisement of some voters in the country.

The Coalition led by the NDF President, Philip Agbese suggested that the civil society, local and international observers must impress it on Jega to rise above primordial sentiments during the polls for Nigerians to take him seriously.

Agbese urged him not to allow himself to be used by some elements that are bent on snatching power through undemocratic means.

He said the already heated argument on ethnic and religious lines would only heal and the nation bounces back to its pride of place in the society if only the electoral umpire and his agents are forced to understand that no pre-determined results can be foist on the people in this technological era.

Agbese further reiterated the readiness of his group to observe the elections fairly and report happenings across the country to the people through the media and appropriate channels even as there are signs already that Nigerians are prepared to actively hold the elections on Saturday.

"It has become very necessary in view of the troublesome reports and accusations in public domain that Professor Attahiru Jega might have been procured to do the biddings of a few individuals who are no longer comfortable with their political foes in power.

"We are watching and would not tolerate the announcement of any pre-determined results other than what is collated from the polling centres."

"We call on both local and international observers to help in beaming their searchlights particularly in the north-west where questions of under-age voting, animal voting and abandonment of card reader machines are already being speculated in public domain."

"Let it be known to Mr Jega and his agents that the sustenance of our democracy rests solely on their conduct during and after the polls and it is therefore wise for them to abide by the rules as laid down to avoid unnecessary bickering across the country, " the statement also added.