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Christian Bakery (Ashers) Stands before Equality Commission Over Homosexuality Rejection

By Eze Uduma
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Last week CitizenGO requested a support and prayer for the McArthurs who owns Ashers Baking Co. That request has generated roughly 19,000 signatures from around the globe! But it is possible millions of other believers have not heard of this case hence, the 19,000 signatures.

How it all began. In May, 2014, Ashers Baking Co, a family-run business based in Northern Ireland received an order for a wedding cake with a specific request that the cake be decorated with the words: "Support Gay Marriage." They the MacArthurs respectfully declined to fulfill the order, citing their Christian beliefs- Leviticus 18: 22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1Corinthians 6:9; 1Timothy 1:10.

Because of the McArthurs' adherence to this essential Christian creed the Ashers' subsequently found themselves embroiled in this legal tussle brought against them by obviously incensed homosexual community, who mistakenly expects to push their agenda into the throats of everyone.

The Ashers' ordeal has received global attention. The Ashers's ordeal is a potent reminder to true believers in Yeshua of the plights of the early disciples and buttresses that believers' faith in Yeshua may be heading towards a dangerous direction, a situation whereby we either give up the faith or face prosecution!

Shortly after the brutal execution of our Lord via crucifixion, James, the brother of John (both Disciples of Christ) was apprehended and locked away. Without fair a trial, James was gruesomely murdered by then ruling government because of his faith in Adonai-Acts 12:2. James had crossed the Rubicon and would not deny the Lord at that point.

Elder Peter was arrested afterwards by the same government and for the same offence as Brother James. The brethren in Jerusalem responded in prayers and Adonai, this time responded in extraordinary fashion. Peter was miraculously freed from the shadow of death-Acts12:3-13.

Good news with Ashers and all 21 century believers is that we have a responsible government and justice system especially in the western societies. But do not take anything for granted especially now that the Ashers will be standing for trial for saying no to homosexuality.

As you respond to this message, the McArthur Family of Ashers business, are getting ready to face a stressful hearing before the Equality Commission in Northern Ireland on tomorrow Thursday, 26/03/2015. The McArthurs have been faithful and courageous in the face of this seeming challenge. But, thankfully, they have faced and will not face it alone.

The McArthur Family of Ashers business have said that even though they walk through the valley of the shadow of death, they will fear no evil. The McArthur Family have decided to follow Yeshua; they have declared the cross before them and the world behind them; the Ashers business said that even if no one joins them, they will follow Adonai to the end!

Let us assure the MaArthurs that they will never walk this road alone; tell the Ashers that we are with them. Believers can do this through our petition through the link but more so our prayers.

Brother James said that the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availed much-James 5:16. The Ashers must be encouraged in the fact that Adonai will never allow those who have faith in Him to be put to shame. The Lord showed Himself in Genesis 39:7-23, He did same in Daniel 3:13-24 and never let down brothers Meshach Shedrack and Abednego-Daniel 3:1-28. By the grace of our Lord and because of the stance of the Ashers, the Lord will prevail over evil!

Adonai, may the trials and tribulations of the McArthur Family of Ashers business bring another and extra ordinary spiritual revolution in the greater Ireland, the United Kingdom and in Europe. May this trial bring spiritual awakening in the hearts of all people around this globe who practice or lean towards this wicked doctrine of homosexuality – Amen!

Adonai, all things are possible with you. As we leave the McArtheurs' battle to you, may all the glory be to you alone.

Eze Uduma