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How Gani Adams Is Using OPC For Selfish Purposes- Akinpelu, Founding Member

By Akinpelu Adeshina
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How Gani Adams Is Using OPC For Selfish Purposes- Akinpelu, Founding Member My attention has been drawn to a story making round that I Comrade Akinpelu Adeshina has been suspended from OYO State chapter of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) at the behest of Gani Adams over an unsubstantiated allegations of working for Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Before I address the suspension issue; I would like to set the record straight for posterity sake and also for the future of Yoruba nation in which I represent. It is on record that I'm one of the founding fathers of Oodua Peoples Congress and I have in so many ways contributed to the liberation of Yoruba race from the shackles of oppressors. It is based on this principle that Gani Adams instructed his delusional State Coordinator in person of Adeola Adeagbo; a mere puppet who does not know when and how OPC was founded to issue the purported suspension statement. My crimes against Gani Adams are as

follows: I and some conscious members of the group challenged Gani Adams not to sacrifice Yoruba race for pecuniary gains. It is on record that Gani Adams collected N1.6billion from President Goodluck Jonathan to work for him to be re-elected. We are not in any way against President Jonathan from coming back if that is what Nigerians want but what we are against is mortgaging the future of Yoruba race by Gani Adams who we have discovered is only after his own interest and not the interests of members of this group. He has over the years used the organization to better his lots and that of his family. For instance he has registered many companies under his name using funds generated from OPC. Olokun Foundation which has been approved by UNESCO is one of such avenues that he is using to siphon funds meant for OPC. I became his number one enemy because I challenged him that the interests of all members and that of the Yoruba race should be paramount in whatever the group has to do. I know he has a killer squad, comprising of hit-men who have trailing me around but I know truth will always prevail. This is not new to me because I know of many dastardly acts he has done in the past by assassinating those who opposed him objectively. There was a time he ordered that Prophet Temitope Joshua of Synagogue should be assassinated because the man of God who is from his town told him truth. It is that same truth that has pitched me against him. Gani Adams never funded any of the OPC programs or cultural festivals but the contributions of all members are usually used to host such programs and yet he collects money from individuals, groups and corporate bodies without giving any account to any member of the group. He has converted OPC to his personal fiefdom and sowing embers of disunity among members. That was what brought about factions and brothers killing brothers in the past. We now know the antics of Gani Adams and we will never allow him to have his way as to start another internal war in the OPC. Just as Ekiti OPC has been liberated from the shackles of Gani Adams; other state chapters will be liberated. He should understand that OYO State OPC has equally being liberated. No amount of threats or intimidation from Gani Adams and his cohorts will stop me or any member opposed to his tyrannical rule from upholding the truths we stand for. I still remain an active member of OPC at both national and state level. Gani Adams and his foot soldier in person of Adeola Adeagbo cannot suspend me from OPC.

Signed By:
Comrade Adeshina Akinpelu