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Group Condemns Attack On Benue PDP Guber Candidate

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The National Democratic Front has condemned in totality the attack by

suspected All Progressive Congress (APC) thugs on the person and campaign

train of Prince Tarhemen Tarzor as a barbaric and animalistic expression

of failure by anti-democratic persons who still yet to settle down with

the norms and ethos of democratic practices in the world.

National President of the group, Comrade Philip Agbese in a reaction to

the unwarranted attempt onj the lives of Tarzor and his supporters at

after a church service at Agasha in Guma Local Government Area of Benue in

a statement warned that the ugly incident must be investigated by the

security agencies and any individual directly or indirectly involved must

be brought to book as the nation can nolonger afford to conduct its

activities like motor touts who use all manner of tools like guns, charms

and cutlasses during their elections.
According to him, the promoters of violence in Benue State and other parts

of Nigeria must be reminded that the era of garrison politics is gone and

the Nigerian people are now wiser and much more prepared to use their

Permanent Voter's Card to decide candidates of their choice and will not

succumb to any amount of intimidation, coercion or use of crude implements

to change their minds.
Speaking further, Agbese lamented that if it were possible for President

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to campaign yesterday at Daura, the home town of

his major challenger it therefore beats the imagination of every well

meaning Benue son and daughter to think that some persons are too mighty

to be challenged in an election.
He maintained that the rules have not changed and will not change and

therefore call on the youths to rise up with their PVCs to defend their

destinies on election days knowing well that these very element who could

not stop God in 2011 have further diminished in character, morality and

even financial source to challenge the popular wish of the people after

four (4) years.
“This particular news from Agasha, Guma Local Government Area of Benue

State is not only sad to the extent of its barabarism and animalism but

calls for urgent action by the security agencies as some persons have

deployed anti democratic forces to stop the wind of Transformation blowing

through the length and breadth of Benue State in particular and Nigeria in

“These characters that are yet still yet to grasp the techniques of modern

democratic culture like public debate, free expression and movement of

persons to sell their manifesto to the electorates are still pretending

and living in their old world of touting, ballot snatching and

intimidation of voters and have been griped with a fever of defeat to

start throwing physical attack on their opponents.”

“To us at the National Democratic Front, this callousness and madness must

be stopped immediately by the Police and other security agencies even as

we call on Prince Tarzor to remain resolute in his commitment to our

nascent democracy, we are also confident that the electorates would troop

out en mass on election to vote candidates of their choices irrespective

of the present threat and violence which some persons have already

substituted for peaceful and intellectual engagements,” the statement also

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