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Diaspora Call Home For Peaceful -one Man, One Vote-

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The United States Movement for Buhari-Osinbajo (USM4BO) has declared the remaining 9 days to the Presidential election as “Diaspora Nigerians Call Home-Campaign” to energize voters across Nigeria, and to ensure March 28, 2015 Presidential Election day remains sacrosanct, peaceful and the “Mantra of “One Man, One Vote.”

USM4BO believes in the unity of Nigeria and challenges the government to provide adequate security for the protection of all Nigerians of all walks of life in performing their constitutional voting rights. We urge all Nigerians to be vigilant and stand as one in defending our sovereignty.

USM4BO stands in support of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the effort being put in place to guarantee the integrity of the election and steps taken so far in ensuring the wishes of the people will prevail through the ballot. We laud INEC for being innovative in adopting the card reader technology to authenticate the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) prior to casting votes. We believe this is in line with our goal of "one man, one vote" mantra.

USM4BO calls on all Nigerians to shun all types of violence and intimidation. We urge every citizen to continue to maintain a peaceful and resilient spirit throughout the process of the elections. We believe democracy is at its best when each person respects the other's views and conducts his or herself in decorum. We are one nation and the future of Nigeria lies in each of our hands.

The deadline for the collection of PVC has been extended to March 22, 2015. We encourage all eligible voters in Nigeria to collect their PVC at their respective Wards (Registration Area). Please contact INEC at 0700-CALL INEC (0700 2255 4632) or visit to locate your Ward. "Your PVC is your identity to vote, get it and keep it safe."

USM4BO implores Nigerians not to be used (manipulated) by any political party to foment trouble under the guise of rally. We believe all efforts should be concentrated on ensuring the elections are held as scheduled and conducted in a peaceful manner. We know Nigerians are sophisticated people who will not be swayed by inducement of any kind, let us all demand in one voice for "One Man, One Vote" in a free and fair election.

USM4BO takes pride in our rich ethnic diversity and unity across different tribes, and religious groups. We stand to protect the image of Nigeria everywhere, and we are committed to true democracy, human rights, peace, community development, opportunity, fairness, and freedom for all Nigerians.

Mohammed Achimugu (National Secretary)
Eki Oyegun-Ighile (National Liaison Officer)
Prof. Salewa Olafioye, MD (National Vice Chairman)
Dr. Sylvester Okere (National Chairman)