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Pdp’s Grand Plot To Kill Peterside, Maim Others, Arm Militia Groups To Rig March 28, April 11 Elections In Rivers State – An Sos

By Movement for the Emancipation of Democracy
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WE are compelled to send this Save-Our-Soul to Rivers people, men and women of goodwill and the international community as we sadly watch darkness gradually eclipse this richly endowed state. Our resort to this appeal, a noble cause in itself, stems from recent and ongoing sad commentary founded on evolving grand plan by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to assassinate Dr. Peterside Adol Peterside, the Governorship candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC, and other APC candidates, launch mass arrest, supervise illegal detention and laying of charges on APC supporters, and ultimately, plunge Rivers State into blood-letting. The global community, including the International Criminal Court, ICC, in The Hague, should watch events in the state lest they stand guilty in the face of impending genocide and crimes against humanity.

In the face of the foregoing, MOVEMENT FOR THE EMANCIPATION OF DEMOCRACY do hereby particularly and specifically state as follows:

THAT the Rivers State chapter of the PDP has plans to assassinate Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside, the leading governorship candidate in Rivers State, vying under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC. The first of such attempt was at Okrika on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at the National Field where he had gone for his governorship rally. The bullet that was aimed at Dr. Peterside, unfortunately, hit and killed a policeman in the candidate's security team.

THAT PDP has commissioned overseas garment factory to sew thousands of fake police and army uniforms which it hopes to distribute among its armed militias and some ex-militants from Rivers and Bayelsa States who in turn will unleash mayhem on defenceless Rivers people on March 28 and April 11.

THAT PDP plans to, through covert operations to be carried out in connivance with corrupt security agents, plant guns, assorted fire-arms and other sorts of ammunition in the homes, offices and business areas of APC members. Consequently, the compromised security agents will, without valid court orders, raid APC members' homes, offices and business areas. Under the strength of 'discovered' arms, APC members will be arrested and slammed into jail. At a meeting held recently by top PDP leaders and militia men, at the residence of Deputy Commissioner of Police John Amadi, who is the DC OPS in the Rivers State Police Command, it was decided that illegal guns and cloned Permanent Voter Cards, PVC, be planted in the homes of APC leaders. A failed attempt was made at the residence of Elder Chidi Wihioka (APC House of Representatives candidate for Ikwerre/Emohua Federal Constituency).

THAT PDP, in tandem with corrupt security agents, has an advanced plan to commit Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, CON, to forced house arrest in the Rivers State Government House, Port Harcourt. The idea would be to impose restriction of movement on the Governor, keep him incommunicado and ultimately render him incapacitated from performing his duties as Director-General, Buhari Presidential Campaign Organisation. This evil plan is marked for implementation 3 days to March 28.

THAT PDP, already working with compromised security agencies, particularly the police, will expand ongoing massive arrest and clampdown on APC leaders and their followers. These will be intensified from Wednesday, March 25, 2015 until after the elections. The goal is to subdue the spirit of change in APC members and dissuade them from turning out to cast their ballots for APC candidates on election days. Already, a list of over 300 Rivers State APC leaders and supporters, who must be incarcerated before the elections, has been compiled and sent to the police. Regrettably, the Rivers State Police Command under Commissioner of Police Dan Bature, appears to have been bought over by the PDP for this evil project.

THAT compromised and corrupt security officials, taking orders from PDP, will plant fake local and foreign currencies in the homes of APC members. Such 'incriminatory' evidences will cause their prolonged detention in police cells among hardened criminals. Aside targeting keeping them out of circulation until after the polls, those considered 'stubborn' will be 'dealt with', a slang that translates to being killed while in detention.

THAT PDP is determined to gun down Hon. Udi Odum, Caretaker Committee Chairman, Abua/Odual Local Government, Hon. Oji Nyimenuate Ngofa, Chairman, Caretaker Committee, Eleme Local Government and Deputy National Secretary, APC, High Chief Cassidy Ikegbidi, Chairman, Caretaker Committee, Ahoada East Local Government, Hon. Ibim Semenitari, Commissioner of Information and Communications, Rivers State who is also Director of Communications, Greater Together Campaign Organisation

THAT PDP has perfected plans to disrupt the accreditation process on election days and violently disrupt voting. PDP also plans to use its armed militias to sack election officials and accredited voters after it would have asked its supporters to do accreditation early on Election Day after which they will make it difficult for others to be accredited within the official time. The PDP also plans to violently chase away legitimately accredited voters and vote in their stead.

IN view of the foregoing catalogue of evils packaged by PDP in wicked collaboration with officers and men of the Rivers State Police Command, the MOVEMENT FOR THE EMANCIPATION OF DEMOCRACY demands as follows:

That the safety and security of Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside before, during and after the elections be guaranteed under United Nations mediation as we have lost hope in the Nigeria Police and other Federal security arms

That the police should stop the indiscriminate harassment, arrest, detention and prosecution of APC members in Rivers State over frivolous charges

THAT detained APC members should be released immediately and unconditionally and fabricated charges against them dropped.

THAT Rivers people be allowed to exercise their civic right unmolested, unhindered, and in accordance with their conscience on March 28 and April 11, respectively, and protected by an impartial police.

Georgehill Ovundah
Movement for the Emancipation of Democracy
Jackreece West
Publicity Secretary
Movement for the Emancipation of Democracy