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Dyes, Aroma, Sweeteners, Preservatives....the Health Hazards Of Food Additives!

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The propensities for the unscrupulous seller to sell his wares at all cost leads...and even tempts him to do all within his grasp to paint his wares in attractive colours to attract buyers. The art and craft of using brilliant colours to attract patronage is well exemplified by pollinating plants which have perfected the skill of using those colours to lure insects and birds to feed. You see....they also produce sweet nectar....exceedingly sweet nectar to seduce their "customers"....but the sweet taste is "not enough"! They must wrap such sweet juices within the confines of attractive colours! And nice smells!

Such are the exploits of plants in blazing the trail in the annals of marketing! The very idea is brilliant! As brilliant as those colours of their petals! Acting in synergy with their sweet syrups! And the nice smells of flowers! So as the unwary bird notices the brilliant packaging....and as such brilliant wrappings attract it to peep...and as peeps turn into feeds, it picks up pollen on its body which have been so delicately perched on its host for such easy "picking"! And as it moves on to the next "attractive flower", and as it settles to feed, it might just deposit some of this pollen/ stigma (male gametes) on the stamens (female gametes) of its new host! And thus called pollination occurs! There may even be consummate stigma and stamens originate from the same plant...

The tendency to get attracted by brilliant colours is not limited to insects and birds. Higher humans are so to say, "slaves to colours" and smells! So, humans copy plants and lesser animals to use a combination of colours, smells and tastes to attract patronage to their wares......the peacock to the peafowl....the female Homo Sapiens to her male counterparts. Lipsticks! Leggings! Body hugs! Eye shadows! Bust lifts! Bum lifts! Perfumes! Brazilian hair! All mere wrappings to attract attention to the birth canal!

And as corporate entities follow suit to use a combination of Aroma, Bright dyes and Sweeteners to rouse...and may I say, blunt and confuse our senses of Smell, Sight and Taste....they may just be poisoning you and I.

Bakers used potassium bromate...fondly called "tablets" ruin millions of human kidneys.

Companies still use spurious dyes to cause bladder cancers!

In ice cream! In beef rolls! In juices! In cake dressings!

Auto manufacturers briskly recall faulty cars....but faulty authorities may not outlaw faulty products causing faulty health....

So, I found it necessary to send the following email to a sausage roll maker:

"The Quality Control Manager
UAC Foods Nigeria

Dear Sir,
The Quality Control Manager,
UAC Nigeria.

Dear Sir,


I hereby draw your attention to the use of Colouring E127 in Gala, one of your popular products. The ingredients list also consists of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) among others...

You would agree with me that the colouring is quite unnecessary as Gala has been a popular brand for quite some time so of what use is it as an attractant?

E127 is an alias for erythrosine, an unnecessary dye already banned in Norway and the US! It is known to release an iodide radical at high temperatures which has been implicated in hyperactivity in children and thytotoxicosis in children!

E127 Erythrosine
And more succinctly, many dyes have been implicated in the causation of cancers especially of the urinary bladder.

My trust in your company management is to the extent that I rely on you to not only blaze the trail in expunging this dye from your recipes but also influencing other makers of sausage rolls in putting a stop to its use.

My confidence in you resides in the fact that if these other companies could copy the very concept of Gala as a packaged sausage roll, they would also copy this new innovation.

And if they do not...., I am rest assured that you are quite capable of influencing them to toe this healthy.....and noble.....path.....

Sincerely Yours,
Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Tosin Akindele and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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