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Unlike bad politicians, I am making good my promise and threat to publish rejoinders to some of the topics you have read here. I apologise that I cannot publish all. Space constraint. I appreciate you all and thanks for keeping faith.

Re – Variety is the poison of life
Nice article. I have been faithful to my wife ever since we got married in 2003 but I'm now planning to start cheating because she does not deserve it.

(Number withheld)
Funke, I enjoyed this article, but you were really hard on all men. Tell our wives too to make the home the best place to be and don't be too sure that most men are like that. Cheers. -Segun.

Madam, I really enjoy your article. Men don't know that what they love to eat could kill them. All men are always like that, even in Europe. They mess around with different girls. Here in Beijing, oh! Chinese girls mess them up a lot. We see this everyday and feel for them. Men are the same everywhere. God help them.

-Janet, Beijing
A faithful man is as rare as an honest politician in Nigeria, though very few exist. More than very few of them are from Ekiti! I have been one for years in my marriage. I know no other but my wife in spite of her unfaithfulness. -08037497725.

Re-Wives of the rich also cry
Funke, I am not out to flatter you but if men and women read your column regularly, there would be stability in marriage. Homes aren't religion that makes a happy home. Your column always serves as antidote to modern relationship. Keep it up.

-Bar. Idoko.
Funke, I think Ifeoma's case is simple, since she has a housemaid, she can easily be joining her husband in some of his trips while the maid takes care of the kids at home. -08032686834.

Dear Funke, your, Wives of the rich also cry, is quintessential May Mofe-Damijo of blessed memory. It reminded me of her maiden edition of Classique magazine where she wrote for the people. She stated 'things' as they were. Not the sadness and joy stuff. If it was sad all through, she stated it the way. No pretence. The good thing is that it lifts your spirit and you know that you are not alone in that particular situation, fantasy, boredom, etc. You replicate it here. Keep it up. -Emeka Anyaegbu, P/H.

Re- Extreme measures
I just had time to read your article, Extreme measures. So, men have thrown caution to the winds, women nko? They no longer have the fear of God! Hope no wives will go all the way. We all curb the menace called adultery! Good piece. -08030484277.

This intimate affair story on extreme measures is exactly the manner of reaction expected from a cheated wife. By stroke of luck, a woman I know had escaped such a similar treatment from madam. Please, I am eager to read about what they do to husbands who betray them. -08028759441

Wao, Aunt Funke, I just read your column of February 27 in Saturday Sun. Your last paragraph no do me well at all. I had wanted to leave my wife and surface after three years before but I am the type that never wants to see any man near my wife. If I open up to her, would you still advise her to take your sisters-in-law's counsel?

Re – Before you dissolve like alum
Hi Funke, I really enjoyed that piece on before you dissolve like alum. For goodness sake, why should a woman get frustrated because of a stupid runaway husband? Nike had better do a rethink and take good care of her God-given children.

Funke, when these husbands go on leave of absence, do please find out the turn-off points from their wives before counselling can be termed, wise. That is how to get to the root of the problem.

Thank you for column, all the same. -I.G. Onyejekwe Esq.

Hi madam Funke, I just read, Before you dissolve like alum. I am your fan and your articles are interesting and fascinating. I always wonder where you get them from. Anyway, keep it up because I've learnt a lot from your articles. -Ekwulura, Aba.

You make me buy Saturday Sun. You are a seasoned writer. May your pen never run dry, my heroine. I've been in Nike's shoes for about five years and I know what it means to dissolve like alum. -08037862116

Re - Living with a man who's broke
The truth is that 90 per cent of women these days do not respect their husbands even when they provide let alone when they are broke. Men suffer great humiliation from their wives when they are broke especially when the dry spell lingers. Many men are married but lonely. Women failed in filling the loneliness of men. May God help the men not to be broke. It is hell in the hands of women. -07057916817.

Right from the biblical days till now, women have re-defined strength; it no longer the display of muscles and bones but a selfless determination to save the lives of their people from destruction while the threat of death is being ignored with unusual temerity. We know who the original weaker sex. -07034826903

Hello my dear Funke, I enjoyed your piece 'living with a man who is broke'. In actual sense, it is not always good for a man to be broke due to the position he holds in the home. When a man is broke, he is automatically not in charge of and a lot of things go wrong. A man's money is his power. When a man's pocket is heavy, his duties and responsibilities are taken care of. No room for neglect. He does his duties without waiting to be told or without any complain. You can see that when a man is in abundance, everybody in the house is happy. By the way, what has men done to you that you write about them all the time? Any way, I'm still your fan. Thanks. -Hon. Agu Uche, Eket.

You are naïve. Men understand the power of the jewel and the mirror. Furthermore, they like to be the one who ultimately pull the strings. Women are supposed to play their natural supporting roles. But the issue is time has changed. It also true that the cosmic rules remain the same. A woman must honour her spouse. Money isn't the bottromline, character is. A financially together super10/10 dude will refuse to be a Lola Montez which some Nigerian women are turning into.

David Duke.

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