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If You Ask Me By Mazi Odera

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If you ask me ,,,,Ndi Anambra North should start now to speak out and speak up . The way things are exposing this days on the side of Gov Obiano ,the first in history since creation of the world .This is the first time ANAMBRA north produced ,or should i say were dashed a Governor and we all know that it is an impossible task but somebody made it happen.

That same person that made it happen what he is getting as thank you from Anambra North is MOVIES ,SCRIPTED AT AGU OKA,PRODUCED AT ABS by AMUTA ,Directed by TOMB RAIDER and SPONSORED BY GOVERNOR.


The other day it was a march into the town of the same man that made it possible for Anambra North to breath the air of Governance,they went there and vilified their own son in their own soil and in their own presence ,well the youths cried enough is enough and they did what any youths with two GOOD BALLS will do ,they invoked the stones of the land to rain on the parade and it rained .

My concern on this erroneous ikeni amu [infant erection] is that ,the last movie was an act targeted against the re-election of President Jonathan and we might pretend all we want ,we may cover up all we want but be rest assured that the Presidency will not send my state any thank you letter for giving APC 5 MILLION DOLLARS as campaign contribution and also giving them 5 SUV vehicles,2 pilots Hilux and other logistic which they needed against Jonathan in my own state,while pretending to dance with JJJ .

We should know that when the president start his second tenure ,he will look at CHRONICLES and pay back accordingly and read my lips ,my state may get the coldest shoulder to lean on.

This is not about fighting Peter Obi ,this is not about fighting PDP but it is about pissing in the Tea cup of an incumbent President, na aju ya oga eme gini ? ,it is time Ndi okenye Anambra North should start advising their own son who is my state Governor ka ogbaru aku ka ikpu ya ha .We all should know that ejiro utu melu nkeni eyi agadi nwanyi egwu ,maka na imaro ife melu ya ojiri ka nka.

Anambra north should'nt pretend they do not know what is happening because we all know na Eze gburu Dibia na agworo ya ogwu ,ndi na ako ya nsi agwubero.It is best that they speak out ka ora nuru olu fa ,so that next a son from that side will ask electorate to vote for them ,that person will not be mirrored in same mirror of the incumbent .

This is not even a fight they should leave for all this medium idiots that prance on social media as e-rats ,this is when they should stand up and speak out for posterity sake .

If people start measuring the entire ANAMBRA NORTH with the parameter of Akpokuedike ,i will tell us without fear of contradiction that this may be the last person of authority that will come from that angle ,because the rest of Ndi Anambra will judge Anambra North wrongly .

Back to the issue ,when the Presidency will start pay back ,it won,t only affect the Governance but the state as a whole and we will become collateral damages ,so ka anyi welu na oge chuba ewu oji tupu chi ejie.

Have a great week long ,,ODERAIGBO reporting from Vacation point

Mazi Odera
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