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It is not really easy to look sexy and flirty, yet not appear as if you spent the last 10 hours trying to achieve that special look. However, some women would say that the best way to achieve a sexy look has nothing to do with the clothes. No, we are not talking about running around nude. This might get you into trouble with the law.

The sexiest look is achieved when you make a dramatic, show stopping appearance. An example of this would be, if you wore a top that appears plain in the front but has a sexy cut out back.

Take advantage of the element of surprise when you wish to achieve a look saturated with sex appeal. Surprise them with a sexy look that will leave them breathless.

If you desire to strike that feminine and sexy look, here are helpful hints

Show some leg! To get your legs etched into the men's memory, you don't need a skimpy mini, just a nice pair of shoes, just not high-heeled. But don't overdose with the length, or better to say the shortness, as you don't need the 'Take me now!' look. A floaty, airy chiffon skirt is perfect to add a little grace.

Ruffles are on the front burner, right now. Go for details like a draped neckline or pretty ruffles.

Emphasize your neck by choosing blouses with the neckline showing your collarbone, but avoid overexposing your cleavage. Don't forget that alluding to what's mostly concealed can be much more alluring.

When achieving a sexy look do not be afraid to let your best assets shine. Play a little game of hide in seek with lingerie inspired apparel such as slips or sheer linings or camisoles. This look, especially when paired with lace, is very suggestive.

When choosing sexy clothes make sure to choose clothing that is made from soft fabrics. You want your clothing to be touchable. Pick fabrics such as cashmere, silk, satin or suede.

The best part about wearing soft fabrics is that you not only look amazing but the clothes are ultra-comfortable against your skin.

Elements like fabric and cut will gently allude to your sexuality.

You should also consider investing some time and money in finding a great-fitting bra. The game is worth the candle!

Don't let your make-up be too obvious and remember - three sprays of perfume is enough. Do not bathe in it!

One way to achieve a sexy look is to wear exotic apparel. Clothing that is considered to be exotic are harem pants, a dress fashioned after the mandarin Asian style, embroidered items and more. An exotic look creates a unique, sexy feeling.

Another way in which to achieve a sexy look is by wearing something ordinary in an extraordinary way. An example of this would be a regular pair of jeans paired with a sexy tank top and high heels. This changes the original message that the outfit conveyed.

Fashion experts agree that nothing is sexier than a red lipstick. Choose a light red if your skin is paler or a darker red for tan skin. The red lipstick can be enhanced with lip liner. Your lips will be the focal point as you quickly become the center of attention.

Sunglasses do not just protect your eyes from the sun but by putting on a pair of sunglasses you are utilizing one of the sexist accessories. A pair of sunglass add allure, charm and secrecy to any look..

Look good and keep in mind that your best stylist is yourself!