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Victor Umeh Shops For Obele Chuka Replacement

By Mazi Odera

The Political brew in the camp of Sir Victor Umeh is getting tense since the fight between OBELE CHUKA and NKWONTA his campaign media director gets messy .

The problem started when Obele Chuka who is the DG of Victor Umeh campaign use Police and Lock up Nkwonta just to show him who is in charge ,the battle got so messy and childish and yet the candidate refused to say anything or get involved in resolving it.

Now Sir Victor Umeh called a meeting of his INNER CORE CAUCUS excluding Obele Chuka and Nkwonta and informed them that he is shopping for a replacement for Obele,though he said he is not going to sack Chuka for he will become a big problem ,he said and i quote "I simply want to get a Deputy DG who i will hand over everything about my campaign and unofficially drop Obele ,since i cannot sack him now because he is a serial blackmailer ,if i sack him out right he will start blackmailing me.So,the best bet is to silently relieve him of the job and easy him out without saying so".

So the question begging for answers is ,if Sir Victor Umeh understand that Obele is a Blackmailer why did he crown him his DG in the first instance ?,we got the answers from while Umeh was addressing his caucus when he informed them that ,beside the nuisance value of Obele that currently he is using OBELE to prepare a good FABRICATIONS that will be printed and distributed in the state using the state resources ,the fabrication according to Umeh should be MEAN and disastrous in nature.

When we contacted the targets of the Fabrication they said ,they are waiting to get the said fabrication first before they will react accordingly.

Justice delayed is justice denied
By: Nwulu ezebuiro onyek