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One song goes like this - Li – fe, oh life… oh-hh li - fe! Oh - life………

LIFE! What is life? What does life really mean? Have you ever wondered the response from people each time you ask them questions like - what does good life mean to you? What do you expect from life? Most will say - I just want to be healthy and happy; I want to be rich and comfortable; I want to get married and have kids. No matter the response you give majority of humans here on earth just want to live their lives HAPPILY. Those who want to be rich and comfortable know that being rich and being comfortable will in turn make them happy; those who want to get married and have kids equally have 'happiness' at the back of their mind. Talking about getting married and having kids, in the African Society, marriage is something that a lot of people look forward to; it does not matter how you do it; just get married and have kids! Pronto!

Once you are married, even if the marriage is hell, the bottom line is that, you are married. Any how, any how!! You have done it! Yes, you have done it, for who? For you or for the society? For a woman in a hellish marriage, what does life really mean to her? What is her life like? Is there really any LIFE for such a woman? Is life without happiness and Joy LIFE?

Now how about a single mother without a husband but happy? Yes, what about her? Mind you a single mother could be a woman once married but divorced or a woman that has not been married at all but has kid(s). Do such women have the right to be happy with life?

A typical African will quickly answer 'NO'. NO? because of what? Because there is no 'marriage tag' accompanying them? Of course, we all know a lot of them in our midst here in Nigeria who have done well in life, contributed meaningfully to our society and appreciated both here and abroad and they live a 'happy' life as well. 'They are single and happy'. Most choose not to get married and there is nothing any one can do about it. Living a fulfilled-happy life does not come from Big Educational Certificate or being married; it all depends on the path you choose to live so that, by the end of the day, when your creator calls you back home, you will not have any regrets.

Today's talk is not about discouraging women from getting married because marriage is divine if done well, but to empower those of them who are still in the dark by allowing others to live their lives for them and, being miserable for the rest of their lives. At the end of our rat-race here on earth, our creator is interested in how good you lived and not whether you are married or not. If you are miserable in your marriage (lots of women are) that is your burden, and you have to carry it or do something about it to be happy.

If you are a single mother and you are still hiding or re-coiling into your shell because you are afraid of what the society will talk about you, wakey-wakey! your life is gradually slipping away, through your own hands. You have got all the right to be happy in life or else if you keep punishing or blaming yourself for not being married, when you die, I bet you GOD will never bother to ask you if you are married or not (he made you) but will be concerned about what you contributed positively here on earth.

Strive to be HAPPY!
Try slice some fresh ginger in your
morning tea (no milk) and leave for
some time. Very invigorating.
BREAST CANCER ALERT: Once you hit the ripe age of 40, always get a mammogram check.

Hei, It's OK…: to wear your boot-leg-LEE Denim + a crispy white shirt to work on Monday instead of that old-suit that can hardly allow you to breathe. Exhale!!.

FITNESS WATCH: You do not have to spend too much buying a bottle of mineral water. Simply slice you lemon, orange and drop in your glass of drinking water.

BEAUTY SPLASH: SPF moisturizers for our hot climate? Protect yourself more by avoiding the sun as much as you can.

You only live once!