Celebrity Birthday: Fans Shower Love On Actor, Ken Erics

Source: Titilope Adeuja/Nigeriafilms.com

Nollywood actor, Ken Erics, celebrates his birthday today as he becomes a year old today. The dark-skinned actor has been quite an inspiration to many of his fans as the accolades keeps pouring in for him.

The Theatre Arts certificate holder from one of the prestigious higher institution in the Eastern region of Nigeria, is also a musician when he is not acting. He broke into limelight in 'Silence of the gods', 'Eran and Erak', acting in 'Evil Intention' alongside Kenneth Okonkwo.

The thespian who is known for keeping tight-lipped and rarely plays to the media in the bid to keep his career scandal-free, was the star actor in the film, 'The Illiterate' could be celebrating his birthday in a remote way that only selected colleagues would be invited. Maybe the selection will be based on the friends who are close to the actor, fueling the disparity in the industry?

In 2013, he spoke with the media about the presumed 'holier-than-thou' career scandal-free, saying thus far he is not yet controversial in any issue but not he is no saint either.

He said, "No scandal yet does not mean that I am a saint or holier than anybody. We all are humans with numerous shortcomings. Moreover this is entertainment.

"The fact that there is no scandal today does not rule out the possibility of one tomorrow. I just keep praying and doing my job; that is all I owe my fans and humanity"

Fans on Twitter have continued to wish him all the best.

God's favorite: "Happy birthday 2 one core thespian and method actor I know @KenErics God bless and perfect all that concerns you. Much love."

Chidera Okolie: "Happy birthday to this super talented A'2 (actor and author) friend of mine @kenerics ."

TIMI ROGERS .I.: "Happy birthday @KenErics . I just cannot stop admiring you. God Almighty make you bigger .