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If President Jonathan Returns to Power, a Broader Shift to Competent Hands Rather Than Politics of Tribal Arithmetic Should Take Control

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If President Jonathan were to return to government, a comprehensive shift to “competent hands” rather than “federal character conditions and politics of patronage” should take precedence if he is to show that he has transformed anew. The good news for him is he does not have to watch and weigh his words, nor worry about his chances for another re-election. This time, he can speak and act freely, say goodbye to politics of patronage, and make sure every position in the hierarchy is filled by ones who are competent to carry out his or her responsibilities.

The President will never have to face the voters again to address their tribal, ethnic or religious desires to have their son, daughter, tribe person, or church member in a high level government position.

Certainly the application of federal character is still essential in revenue sharing, location of resources and other related areas, but in order to solve the problems of economic, health, technological and social worries, it is critical that competency take full precedence.

The President, in a cut straight manner, should tacitly seek out men and women of competence, who can help his government solve our problems, and ignore tribal-minded bureaucrats and political administrators.

President Jonathan should become more unleashed and be ready to defend his government as the tool of the people, knowing that what matters is having people on board to help him provide solutions in the areas of clean water, electricity, nutrition, housing, health care, schools, reducing the high rate of infant mortality and low life expectancy while bringing peace for the people. We need more roads, electrical powers, hospitals, farms, industries, and research labs, as well as social safety nets, good climate, and adequate market capitalism. The President should put forth one brilliant vision of Nigeria by delivering a workable government with persons known for their sensibilities of creating long-term programmers to carry the nation beyond ethnicity. The President needs entrepreneurial competencies to help guide and expand small and medium enterprises across the country.

A majority of Nigerians believe the solution is a government focused on tribal equality, ethnic rights to office, and a clear message that those in the government will deliver ideals to the president.

It is the 21st century, but we are still preoccupied with politics of ethnic and tribal patronage, and demanding that the President fill his administration with anyone based solely on ethnicity, which goes hand in hand with gross incompetence and ineptitude.

President Jonathan should be all about designing and setting a course for a future that is all about reducing unemployment our crisis, security wars, doing something about health issues, revamping and shrinking the civil service. And we, the people, must understand that for the country to succeed we need competent hands to help growth in the private sector, reduce the lingering thorns in our law enforcement system, cut entitlements, and demand that our public universities seek outside monetary aids and alternative funding.

The President will need men and women who will make the commitment to support each other through competence, to renew the government and act in a manner that will energize, not sap, his initiatives. We need competent hands to strengthen us.

Loyalty to tribal and ethnic character will not make us a nation of economic and political wealth; instead, it is competency that will free and allow us to take the risks that will make our country great. What the President needs is to gather together modern, competent hands to manage our economy.

Possibly in his coming term, Jonathan will not need to dwell on owing and paying others on the basis of tribal allegiance; instead, he can dwell on the opportunity of being given another chance to finish what he started.

What we need is a competent and enriched governance with hands willing to work hard, with a show of collective responsibility towards building national progress for Nigeria.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic/Clinical Psychologist, a Consultant in National Psychology, and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association. [email protected]

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