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The release of Joshua Uturu and the way forward

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On the 23rd of December,2014,Chief Joshua Uturu 1 popularly known as Alhaji Suleiman, the then embattled President-General of Irri community was discharged and acquitted from Ukuwani prison over various alleged murdered cases levelled against him while in office. The news went into the air as wildfire where some people felt that Chief Uturu ought not to be released at this political dispensation or totally be incarcerated or sentenced to death to avoid another community crisis.

The then leadership of Chief Joshua to Irri community was seen as oppressive, diabolic, repressive and callous to the core. Everybody saw Uturu's leadership then as the government of few people and nothing more. Several allegations were levelled against Chief Joshua Uturu that led to his arrest few years ago.Though, Chief Joshua Uturu is a Lagos-based businessman who was called upon to take Irri community then from the crawling stage to the developmental stage and only to be turned against by people that felt his leadership was villainous and evil.

Again, Joshua Uturu is a not man to be carpeted like that in as much as we speak his leadership weaknesses and those that benefitted from his noble philanthropic gesture should bury their heads in shame. At the prison, Joshua Uturu was still influential to the core.

According to Chief Joshua Uturu's spokesperson, Mr.Kevin Iteramah who reacted angrily on a publication by the ,Mindset Media Limited dated February 13th,2013 that Chief Joshua Uturu was oppressive and wicked ,added that some persons in Isoko wanted Uturu dead at all cost. That publication was offensive and it could deter his political ambition for House of Representatives 2015 and Chief Uturu needs apology from the editor. He is a man of peace who had singlehandedly sponsored some of these A-list Isoko politicians who later turned against him for their selfish purposes. There was an agreement that Uturu ought to run for House of Representatives in 2007 but some persons decided to cause unholy trouble to make Chief Joshua Uturu 1 as a troublemaker than as a trouble-shooter in Irri community and Isoko nation at particular.

The question many Isoko people are asking now, since he has indicated interest to contest for House of Representatives in Isoko Federal Constituency for 2015 under the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP), what are his chances of winning the like of Rt. Hon. Leo Ogor of the PDP,Barr. Daniel Oyowe (APC),Mallam Obi(LP) and others that have solid political backgrounds without altercations. Though he picked the SDP ticket at the eleventh hour but his followership is overwhelming and being described by his loyalists as 'Freedom fighter'. With several alleged murdered cases against him could prevent his victory in the coming elections in Isoko but his high level of grassroots campaign could also help him secure the victory. One thing that recently convinced his veritable supporters is the mammoth crowd that graced his declaration for House of Representatives under the platform of Social Democratic Party in Isoko which indicated that Isoko Federal Constituency is no longer for wheelchair people but for final battle. The fear of Chief Joshua Uturu 1 is the beginning of wisdom in Isoko now.

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