Open Letter To The Efcc By Nasir El Rufai

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Dear Mr. Femi Babafemi

The EFCC's attempt to try this case via headlines is pathetic, disrespectful and contemptuous to the Nigerian Judiciary. Your press releases which often grossly misrepresent what actually transpired in Court is an abuse of your privilege as prosecutors. You have shown yourself by your idiotic, self-serving "press releases" to be persecutors - not prosecutors, and completely unaware of what a justice system should be. Your conduct is disgraceful and violates the principles of presumption of innocence of any accused person entrenched under our Constitution and laws of Nigeria.

All these falsehoods you are dishing out are meant to intimidate me from returning to Nigeria - while smearing my reputation. My Nigerian and international legal defense team are assembling all your defamatory falsehoods for subsequent legal actions in Nigerian and other courts where your statements are published.

For the avoidance any doubt, I am returning to Nigeria on the 27th of December, 2009. Your worst nightmare - that I will dare the now, new and wholly-corrupt EFCC and return to Nigeria - will be realized on that day - and the ball will then be in your court, and that of Nigerian and international public opinion. I will never be afraid to face a bunch of lackeys like you.

See you soon.

Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, OFR

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