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Chocolate City artiste, Ice Prince Zamani, has replied those who try to compare his art with his co-label colleague, MI Abaga.

Recent reports got to rapper Ice Prince that he was better than MI which got him angry warning those spreading such reports not bring two heads together.

According to him, there is no competition between them because MI happens to be a brother and a teacher and he is not in anyway wanting to be greater than anybody.

In Ice Prince words;

My Old G Noble Igwe! You and your blog should stop comparing my music with my brother and Teacher MI. I'm not tryn 2 be greater than M. Stop!

If you get to see this Tweet! Take note for the last time my old G! Me and MI and everybody around that is deeper than Music. That's blood!

And to everyone else that cares to know! I can never ever ever ever compete with MI. It's deeper than Music. Same Parents or Not! M is blood!

And for the record, MI is the greatest Rap Musician 2 come outta this side! I'm who I am because I was taught and brought up by the greatest.

We all see things different! Show to the world what you see, And Not what others show you from what they see.

We don't have to be the same at all at all.

Always remember that no matter where you get to in life, Some1 has been there nd som1 else will be there after you. The world is not just You.

In agreement to that, MI explained that he has friends in the media but would not welcome the idea of anyone that tries to create any misunderstanding between them.

"When the greatest calls you the greatest!!! Everybody knows Noble Igwe is my friend. But @iceprincezamani is my brother and I reject any entertainment culture that consistently tries to put us against each other. Or that rates our creativity without credibility or objectivity. We'd rather tear down than build each other and I don't agree with that.. Family over everything."

He that fails to plan,plans to fail
By: Festus ukata