Where Is The 6000mw?

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Months before December, 2009, the People���s Democratic Party (PDP)-led government of Nigeria, promised Nigerians that by December-ending, 6000mw would be fad in the Nigeria's power sector and every Nigerian will enjoy none-stop power supply. But today, that promise seems to be a deception, following the lack of evidence in sight for that promise. All we keep hearing from the government now is that the 6000mw is achievable before the year runs off.

One thing keeps on battling me: If the PDP-led government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is yet to prove to Nigerians that it can keep to the much-touted Vision 2020, how come about the 6000mw is still a mirage, a tall order? It's surprising that this government keeps raving its odds on the matter of 6000mw through its power minister, Dr. Olanrewaju Babalola, who keeps on promising Nigerians of this “tall order” till thy kingdom come. If this government is talking about making Nigeria a no-poverty- relevance nation by 2020, how come about it has failed to start with the cradle issue such as constant power generation which will help Nigeria in the socio-eco-development? No country survives running its economy with generating sets. That is even detrimental to human health, with fumes so hazardous to the environment.

It's always surprising that this government has given priority to mundane things thereby leading much vitality that would enrich Nigerians unsolved. For example, the Nigeria roads are pit-of-hell, the railway cooperation is begging for attention, poverty is every where in Nigeria except in Aso Rock, education system is in comatose, and the petroleum sector is in a war of lack-of-decision, name then. Yet, we have a government, the one that the people voted?

Just recently, VP Goodluck Jonathan reportedly said that foreign investors vital to vision 20:20-20 (Compass, Thursday December 3, 2009). “We want to accelerate the growth rate of our economy towards our 20-20 target and we need foreign direct investment in various sectors of our economy. We will examine areas where both countries can cooperate,” Jonathan had said.

That was Jonathan's assertion of the Federal Government's readiness to do business with foreign investors towards the gaining of the vision 20-20 mandate. As good as that may be, so in the early months of this year the 6000mw promise was made, it seemed as if December was too far but here it is, on our doorpost, without anything making strong of our power sector in place. While the 6000mw proposal or promise is in the pipe, what is on the pipe today is the supremacy tussle of where Mr. President would present the 2010 budget, with the Senate and the Representatives locking their horns in “cold war” thereby making Nigerians of goodwill to sweat more than excepted. This government is not even in readiness to protect the Nigerian environment from the climate change.

This government may not help its hapless citizens. Nigeria may not survive as a nation with deceitful agenda and policies such as the unachievable 6000mw promise before December which is probably to gain praise from the unassuming populace.

Odimegwu Onwumere is the Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State. +2348032552855. [email protected]

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