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Dr. Mrs. Olejeme's New Month's Message To Nigerians

By Eberechi Kennedy
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I have the pleasure to welcome you to the month of February 2015 and to wish us all 'a very happy new month. This month of February is our month of hope and great expectations, when our legacy projects and the solid foundations we have laid for the sustainable development of the socio-economic and transformation agenda, will be fully consolidated for the interests of our people.

As we approach the February 14 Presidential election with great hopes and expectations; let us all remember that the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan should be our topmost priority. So I expect our good citizens to give our dear President a valentine gift by voting massively for PDP at the polls.

Through all the unfolding events that characterized President Goodluck Jonathan's first tenure in office, I have good reasons to believe that nothing will ever be the same in Nigeria, as our people and Nation continue our upwards movement, defying all odds to surge ahead as one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

With President Jonathan's antecedents so far, no one and no leader of the future will make the mistake to return this Country to the dark days of strife, impunity and ad-hoc process, and in a private estate of the few, for the few, and by the few. I expect that the second tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan shall yield greater achievements and value expectations for this Country.

Therefore, I am confident that with the solid foundations that have been laid for the sustainable transformation of the socio-economic and political sectors of our society, the further development of Nigeria from the 14th of this month and beyond will be indubitable.

The PDP will continue to support and contribute to the drive for a restructured and re-engineered platforms of sustainability to a level where everything is not only changing for the better, but also strengthened to be self-propelling. Also, we will continue to remind all Nigerians not to forget how we have gotten this far, so as not to derail from our new direction.

I cannot stop commending our citizens for the solid supports you have given President Jonathan, your prayers and your sacrifices, towards achieving his Transformation Agenda – where stability, security and prosperity of our people is the new basis of government's social contract with the citizens, which will be more guaranteed than ever with his re-election on the 14th of this month.

Let us therefore advance towards the
elections with great hopes and expectations, believing that the electorate is more ready and willing to make the desired sacrifices and share the cooperation necessary in keeping our Country growing stronger and better for all Nigerians.

On this note, I once again wish us all a happy and prosperous New Year month of February and may all your dreams for the month come true!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!