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Mrs Osinbajo Spoke On Her Husband Aspiration

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The wife of General Muhammadu Buhari's running mate in the February presidential poll, Dolapo Osinbajo, in an interview with Sunday Oguntola revealed her feelings on her husband's aspirations, her family life and the Nigeria of her dreams.

Mrs. Osinbajo, who is the organizer of Women's Helping Hands, a non-governmental organization, recently accompanied her husband in Ogun State for a presidential rally of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

1. Reaction to the husband's nomination as APC vice-presidential candidate

“My initial reaction was that of apprehension. Because I knew I would have to share him with others, I mean political associates, official functions and all the likes. And I would rather have him to myself alone. So, that was my initial reaction.

“I shouldn't be selfish but release him to accomplish for Nigeria what God has been putting in his heart. His works, like I said, over the years and his experiences in public life have all pointed to the fact that he is a man for a season like this.”

“Things are different from what they used to be in the past. I believe that things will take a turn for the best for this nation.”

2. Things Nigerians don't know of Prof Osinbajo
“I think he is the best man in the whole world. One thing I can say is that we have been married for the past 25 years and every day, I get to respect him the more. He is very kind and lovely. I have never met a man more caring than he is. He is the most caring person I have met.

“His life is all about caring and giving. When he was Attorney-General of Lagos, he proved that over and over again. Our church currently runs two free schools through his initiatives because we are interested in people.

“One has run for a year and the other one just started. In the school, there is no tuition, registration or any fee. They are entirely free. They don't pay for books, stationeries, uniforms or feeding. One of the schools is in Obanikoro, while the other is in Okota in Lagos.”

3. What Osinbajo will do if elected
“If you know my husband, he is a thorough and meticulous person. He doesn't get into something until he has figured everything out. What will happen is that he would be able to do more as a Vice President on a larger scale.

“I believe if he is elected, he will have more opportunities and platform to do much more for the people.”

4. How Mrs.Osinbajo prepares to be the wife of Vice-President

“There is nothing I am doing or intend to do. I just trust God for grace. I am in His hands and I believe He won't take me there and leave me stranded. I am just in His hands for whatever He wants to do with me.”

5. About her work with street urchins in Lagos Island

“I am really thrilled I could reach those people in many parts of Lagos. When we started, they started introducing us to their friends in other parts of Lagos.

“They were really my family members at that time and for me, Under Bridge was the safest place in Lagos. I felt so safe there that you couldn't just move any close to me once I was there. The boys loved me so much they wouldn't allow even a fly come close to me. For me, it was the safest place in Lagos.”

6. New initiatives in the office of the First Lady to the Vice President

“There is no office of First Lady to the Vice President.The only role I will play is to look after my family, especially my husband, so that he can concentrate and do the works committed to him. That, to me, is the only assignment expected of me. There is nothing more. As long as I can help my husband to do a good job for the nation as a mother and wife, I am done.

7. On what will happen to Nigeria after the polls
“I sincerely believe there will be a great turnaround. He will do Nigeria and Nigerians good. He will change things and will never cheat or shortchange them.

8. On the opportunity to win
“I believe so with all of my heart. I believe change is coming and Nigerians will witness it through the APC.”

9. A ypical, average day for Mrs.Osinbajo
“I don't have an average day because what I want to do determines how the day runs. I have now two shelters for battered women and victims of sexual abuses. One is on the Island and the other on the Mainland.

“It is a non-governmental organisation called Women's Helping Hands and we get to hear heart-breaking stories. One is that of a woman whose husband held down and battered with hot iron. She was so scary when we saw her. ”