The Word of the Lord for 2015 by Prophet Paul Okikijesu - Part 4 & 5


2015 Prophecy By Apostle Paul Okikijesu- Received on Thursday, January 19th, 2015


When I return will I meet any Christianity faith, says the Lord? There is a song which stated that the Judge of the world is coming and He will ask of your stewardship in the land of the living. I am now asking every human, how are you spending your period in this world? I am coming in the sky when mankind least expect, therefore do what is right and acceptable now before it is too late.

My Messages:

Anyone that received the messages I sent should rectify their ways, if such people wants to insult, assault, arrest, or fight My prophet, then My judgment hand and curse, will never leave such people's lives.

Anyone that raises a spiritual sword against My ambassador, that I sent to the nation, sword will never cease to spill blood in their household.

Whoever reproaches My word and the prophecy, may it be male or female, if they raise a spiritual sword against My beloved that delivered this message, My spiritual sword will cut through their household and their generation.

Pope Francis:

His body needs rectification and healing from Me Almighty God, and not healing from the physicians because it is a spiritual case. It is My power that upholds his life therefore; he must speak the truth to the nations of the world.

He should not get involved in anything that can bring distractions, and things that can bring My vengeance for his mistakes, but rather speak the truth at all times, to the nations of the world in order to bring forth the seeds that are worthy of repentance.

He must speak about salvation to the world, he must disengage from people who can influence/pressure him to sin or commit mistakes in My presence. Furthermore he must not allow them to ruin My Holy name.

If he takes the aforementioned steps, My judgment will not come upon him, but it will come upon the people after his life that are planning his death.

Pastor Benny Hinn:

Let him know that I established him not for money, but for the end time crusade. I have sent messages to him, but he is not careful enough. This is the second time that I am sending My word, and if he is not vigilant, when the sword comes I will not use My mercy to stop the spiritual sword.

Therefore, he must go into the world and speak the truth to all the nations I have sent him. He must not use lies to cover the truth, and what I want from him is to speak sincerely to the nations.

He must not listen to the spirit of deceits and he should not mingle with the darkness of the world that are very close to him. In fact, these people are not far from him, that is the reason I sent messages to him that My judgment is at hand concerning him.

If he did not associate with this evil group, his work will be complete and meaningful, because some people have been saved through his ministerial works. Several people have overcome Satanic temptation through his ministerial works and for his glory to shine more than the past. He must beware so that his works will be rewarded.

Pastor Reinhard Bonnke:

My glory is with him and the reason I sent the previous message to him, is that I need him to speak the truth to all nations. I did not establish him because of money, but because of the end time revival, in order to receive reward from Me Almighty God, and not reward from human beings.

He must not be proud or think of himself more than who he is, but he should speak My truth to the world, so that they will repent and change to Me. He should be careful of the white and black people, so that they will not ruin his majestic white garment. For which I said, I will bring My judgment upon him.

If he is vigilant, he will be successful, but if he refuse to change or act according to the dream and the vision that I revealed to him, then the sword will come and I will not stop the sword.

My truth had proceeded from his mouth in the past. I have revealed My dream and vision in order to guide him; therefore, he must take steps of rectification that can make his glory to shine better at this end time.

United Kingdom, Mali, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon:

These countries should beware of terrorist attack/activities that can result in conflict between February and April 2015.


The spiritual journey of Nigeria is worrying Me; you My servants speak out and warn people. If Nigeria is not careful, My spiritual hand of judgment will pass through her, it will be like the time of Noah and Lot when I warned, but they refused to heed My voice.

The stench of the bloodshed within her makes My eyes to be bitter towards the nation. My judgment will not start from the common people rather it will start from the people in high places. Most especially the church founders and overseers that refused to speak the truth shall partake in My judgment.

Every soul that received My words, if they do not repent and change, then, their cases will be like that of the Biblical Adoni-Bezek that was recompensed for his torture of other kings.

If Samuel Doe's case is nothing to them, then they should learn lessons from Idi Amin of Uganda's administration and lifestyle. Furthermore, the people in authoritative positions should learn from the case of Charles Taylor or the land of the Haiti.

Nigeria needs serious prayers that will impact the lives of the corrupt politicians to make right choices rather than harden their hearts. If the people in authoritative positions reject Me, and did not think deeply to know that all power belongs to Me that created them and the universe.

If they continue to patronize and put their hope in the diviners, herbalists, demons, the evil spirits of the firmament, the initiated, etc., then I will prove My being alive to them, says the Lord.

They shall try their best to win the posts, but their best will not be enough to succeed.

I will recompense any administration that is in power plus those that intend to come into power that did not love the masses, and have genuine plan for the future of the youth of the country, says the Lord.

Repercussions shall coming upon those that transgressed, and they will be regretting why do they stack up wealth that they are unable to enjoy.

Upcoming Election:

Pastors must not force people to vote for any candidate, but My ministers should pray for all the political aspirants of the upcoming election. They must not support one candidate and neglect the others, because when My judgment comes, it will come upon the candidates and their supporters.

They must stand neutral as pastors, while the candidates will stand as contenders.

Contesting Politicians:

Their case will be like the Biblical story of the tax collector and the Pharisee, who went to the temple to pray. Anyone that humble himself, fear and believe Me will win the election. But those politicians that are proud, any politician that is causing tears for others and assassinating their opponent's characters I will judge severely beyond their conprehension, says the Lord.

Presidential Election:

The upcoming election will be like the Biblical story of the tax collector and the Pharisee. Anyone among them that humble himself, ask for forgiveness of sins and mercy will win the election; but whoever is bragging/boasting will see that all his efforts shall come to nothing, says the Lord of hosts.

They should bring forth seeds that are worthy of love,pray for the nation and change positively, but not the fruits of bloodshed says the Lord of hosts.

Nigerian Legislators:

I warn them to stop assassinating/killing one another, and stop the shedding of youthful blood for sacrificial purposes. They should stop shedding the blood of university students that are the future of the nation, and those that are useful for the end time glory.

From now onward, I will make the hand that intend to shed another person's blood wither; also they must produce fruits that are worthy of repentance. If not, My hand of judgment will pass through the Senatorial House/Congress.

Boko Haram:

Boko Haram organization will soon become history; the reason is that my spiritual hand of judgment will come upon the financiers and the powerful people behind Boko Haram's activities. Nigeriashould beware so that Boko Haram's issue will not lead to conflict between her and other countries which can result in lost of several lives.

The youth that are supposed to be useful for the country but because of the unemployment level and their joblessness, they decided to join the organization. The life and death of Osama bin Laden is enough to lecture the Muslims that are trying to turn Nigeria to an Islamic state through the terrorist activities of Boko Haram.

All their informants, their financiers, and those that instigates and encourage them to perform the senseless killings purposely because they want Nigeria to become One nation with One religion which is Islam shall be punished. Their aim is to eradicate Christianity and other religions except Islam.

Though I will eliminate Boko Haram, but another group that is deadlier than Boko Haram shall appear so people must be prayerful.

Nigerian Youths:

The youths that are the future of the nation are being wasted through the bloodshed. Some of those brilliant minds that can uplift the glory of the country and those that I called for the end time revival are no more because of the criminal activities of people in power.

The continuous bloodshed must be stopped because many of the youths that are educational geniuses, and those who want to fight for their rights for betterment of the country are dead.

I am a God that avenges, therefore, none of the people that conspired or contributed to the situation will go unpunished. Starting from the pastors and Christian/religious leaders that are so corrupt to the extent they can neither speak the truth nor advice the politicians rightly to have the fear of God.

Nigerian Churches:

Every church that is against the truth will receive My judgment this year.

Cooperation Among Churches:

It is the hour of change and I want cooperation among the ministers of God regarding the issues that are militating against the country.

I put the pastors' mistakes aside, but I want them to speak the truth with one voice, so that the blood of people I called will not be spilled.

Catholic Church:

There are some among them that are righteous and they are ready to tell the truth, but others distort My judgment because of riches, wealth, and position that will come to an end one day.

Those that are honest among them must speak the truth out, I am coming and my reward is with Me to repay everyone according to their deeds.

President of Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN):

I showed him a dream/vision in which he saw the spiritual ship of Nigeria that is about to shipwreck so that he can reveal this to the people in power, but he refused to take steps to deliver the message.

I pitied him, and I'm warning him. He should assemble all the CAN members for prayer to prevent the spiritual hand of panic and judgment from passing through the nation. Also they should pray for the spiritual liberation of Nigeria so that the useful youths will not go missing anymore and their bloods will not be used for atonement again.

I want CAN to correct their past mistakes by taking steps that will lead to repentance, rectification, and upliftment of the country. If he refuse to take steps, though I am the One that called him, but I will raise My vengeance hand against him and I will meet him at an inescapable path to deliver judgement (he will receive Me as a guest soon).
The CAN members must tell the truth according to what is written in the Bible to the politicians and make them realize that they are nothing, but dust.


I sent leaders of PFN to bring forth fruits that are worthy of repentance, they should not be less concern about the situation of the country because My ordained and anointed are in these two organizations (CAN and PFN) that are capable of praying for Nigeria to change and for Me to deliver the nation with My merciful hand.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin:

I have sent messages to him and his congregation before, if he refuses to correct and discipline his members to change to tenets that are meaningful for the glorious kingdom of God. If he does not change to Me fully, then my judgment shall come upon him.

There are some among his congregation that are behaving in filthy ways; many are distorting my judgment while several of them are damaging My divine kingdom.

I want him to call for convention for repentance purposes. If not, I am God that avenges and I will repay him accordingly.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome:

I am sending another message to him; I want the topics of the kingdom of God and salvation to dominate their activities during this period. I want the seeds of repentance in his heart during this time because it is time according to My Covenant to visit him, since I am not pleased with what is happening in his life.

People are insulting and reproaching Me through him, some people even vow not to worship Me again due to his actions. Therefore, I send this message to him due to many politicians that have chosen him as their adviser or mentor.
If he refuses to tell them the truth about the kingdom of God, My judgment will come upon him and the politicians. His case shall be like the severe judgment that is beyond human comprehension.
What I desire from him is to lecture about the salvation of souls and the kingdom of God for the politicians to realize that they are not superhuman, but dust.

Furthermore, I want him to bring forth fruits that are worthy of repentance and depart from his dirty behaviors. He must also reject the spiritual path that he is walking presently that displeases Me and turn to Me fully because among his congregation there are some that are useful for the end time Crusade and the covenant of the glorious home, but they lack the seeds of salvation of souls. Finally, I want these positive changes immediately.

Pastor Adeboye of RCCG:

This is the third message I am sending to him and his wife. He should think carefully that how many more years will he use in this world. Therefore he must not allow the corrupt politicians to pollute his glorious garment, but execute the following instructions:

1. Make it a point of duty to let the politicians realize that they are nothing but dust. I instantly want positive steps towards these messages.
2. Ask for the merciful hand for Nigeria.
3. Do not get involve in political activities so that I will not repay him for his transgressions.
4. You must realize that you are guest in this world and everybody always calls you Daddy.
5. Therefore, you must not allow the people that have tasted, shed and stained their hands with blood to stain your spiritual garment.
6. Call an emergency meeting of all the leaders of Redeemed Church whereby they will pray for mercy for Nigeria.
7. Another point is for God to deliver the nation from destruction with His merciful hand because bloodshed is so rampant to the extent that those that are useful for the end time glory are among the people being sacrificed.

Furthermore they must pray for divine protection over Redeemed Camp because the Children of Hell believe that the politicians make Adeboye their mentor. They should pray against any incident/event that can happen in Redeemed Camp that will claim many lives which will prompt Me to ask of the deceased blood from Adeboye and Redeemed Church leaders. At the end of their lives when they sleep the blood of the people will be waiting to accuse them for lack of prevention of the deadly tragedy.

He must speak out during this period; desist from participating in any political activities, so that I will not recompense him. He must tell them about salvation and the kingdom of God.
If he fails to take steps to rectify the situations, instead of his works to be consumed by fire, then I will take him home before the doom's day when the world least expects.

He should beware of some pastors that are deceiving him by saying what I Almighty God did not say through dreams and vision in order to ruin many years of ministerial works.

There are people that are bent on damaging his works, so that his works will not be burnt up, I cry out to his ears for attention. Do not forget the book of Ezekiel 3: 17-21. I appointed him as a watch man for countries all over the world. Whatever that is needed to be said, say it plainly so that they will not mess up your good works.

I am assuring you that I will never open My eyes and allow your work to go up in flame, because some people have entered the glorious home through his ministerial works. Many have been saved through his efforts, therefore instead of his works to be consumed by fire, I will take him home when nobody knows or expects.

If I like I can take him home this month or next month, but all I will say for now is that very soon I will take him home. I will not open My eyes and watch Adejare's work to go up in flame.

Those that are talking when I did not say anything, those that are saying things that I did not send them, some people are narrating dreams/visions of lies in order to mislead him. If he harkens to the voices of these hypocrites, I am the God that avenges and I will visit his life, says the Lord.

Christ Apostolic Church (CAC):

I sent the leaders of CAC to the nation to warn the country to change and turn to Me. The people in authority should bring forth fruit that are worthy of salvation of souls. The CAC leaders have to meet and talk with the powerful politicians.

I sent them a big task to Nigeria that My spiritual eyes are bitter towards the bloodshed therefore they must warn the people in authoritative positions to change and bring forth the fruits that are worthy of repentance; Furthermore they must let the so called people in power know that they are humans and warn them without prejudice, that only God has power over their lives.

Deeper Life:

I send this man to tell the authoritative people the truth that is worthy of repentance. He must tell the politicians that hide under his refuge, words that are worthy of salvation of souls that can make their lives to receive mercy in My presence.

He must cry out to Nigeria to stop the bloodshed during this period, or else My judgment will come upon her in form of revolution. I the Almighty God will not wait for election alone, even after the election, My judgment shall continue and different types of events will happen.

Also, he must say the right words regarding Holy Spirit to his congregation, whatever amendments that are needed within the church must be carried out, because I am the God that avenges and I am coming to his life. If I see anything that is crooked, then My judgment will manifest.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo:

Why is it that this minister of God cannot speak the truth? It is whatever that I send him that must be said. I the Almighty God will pass through his life, and I need the seed of Salvation and repentance for the people that surrounded him and his congregation.

My coming is at hand, therefore he should warn Nigeria to wake truthfully from their slumber, and change to Me totally, without any bloodshed or deceiving the populace.

Any of the politician that did not fear Me, repent and follow the candid advise of men of God will not win the upcoming election. He must examine himself and rectify wherever he is lacking, what I want from him is to take steps that will change Nigeria positively, that will make Me happy says the Lord of hosts.

Cherubim & Seraphim Church:

I send the leaders of Cherubim to the nation, though there are some black sheep among them that are destroying the good name of the church. Whereas those that I elected, sent with the truth to the world and sent with the endtime works are prevented from performing their duties, it is now time for them to speak the truth.

I want their repentance and change of hearts towards Nigeria to warn the authoritative people to depart from their filthy ways and hypocrisy, that can cause lost of lives without remedy.

Pastor David Oyedepo:

He must not allow anybody to influence him to do anything that is not acceptable before Me, and he should rectify whatever that needs to be fixed in his spiritual journey.

He also must cry out to the nation that God is against any form of bloodshed, if he did not speak the truth to his congregation to change and repent then I will judge him.

I have revealed a vision to him since seven years ago, concerning the progress/development of his ministerial work. Once more he must not allow people to pressurize him to lose the glorious call of God.

I am warning again that he should beware among the people that surrounded him, among the pastors/people working for him and among his worldly friends so that they will not make him to lose the glorious call of end time.

Furthermore, I sent him to warn the nation, using the visions and the words that I have spoken to him to buttress his case. He should warn the country to repent and change to Me. Also, he must tell Nigeria that it is only God that can put one in position, and not stubbornness and bloodshed. If he refuses to take steps towards implementing My instructions, then I will visit, recompense for his refusal and I shall judge him.

Pastor Tunde Bakare:

I have revealed many visions to him and I have spoken to him several times; also I have sent messages to him not to allow anybody to influence him, or deliver fake messages when I did not say anything.

He must not allow anybody to direct his life during this period, and he should not cease from speaking the truth. I send him to the nation Nigeria to change, repent and realize that they are humans/mortals, therefore they should depart from bloodshed.

He must cry out that Nigeria needs supervision and prayers. Anyone who thinks of himself more than what he is, will suffer the consequences.

He must warn the politicians to fear, believe in God, and humble themselves in every possible way because My spiritual eyes are bitter towards the country at this hour. In addition, I cannot stand the stench of their bloodshed, the stench of the blood of the children of My Kingdom, the end time people and those that I have elected for the glorious home, their blood come to My presence every time.

Celestial Church of Christ:

I send the leaders of Celestial Church to the nation for change of mind. I want repentance from the leaders of the church so that their white garment will not be stained with blood and palm oil.

Satan wants to use this step to commonize the white garment church, as if they are not worthy. Therefore they must announce prayer and fasting for change of mind, forgiveness of sins, and mercy for Nigeria.

If they refuse to implement My instructions, My judgment hand will come into Celestial Church and I will repay the people that are tarnishing the image of this church.

Angelican, Methodist and Baptist Churches:

My message to these churches is to change and speak the truth without prejudice to the country Nigeria, to change and for upliftment of the nation so that their congregation too will receive salvation.

These churches must stop their deceit and speak the real truth to the nation. Since I have previously sent messages to leaders of these churches, but they are adamant and Satan is using their hypocrisy to make the politicians to be arrogant, thinking they are superhuman whereas they are nothing, but dust.

The Apostolic Church:

I send them to Nigeria to warn her to change at this time, furthermore they must speak out regarding repentance and turning to God.

Pastor Chris Okotie:

I want him to speak the plain truth to the politicians to change and turn to Me. He must speak the truth to the politicians that are his bosom friends regarding the salvation and change of heart, because Satan is using the closeness of politicians to the pastors to commonize Me, Almighty God.

If refuse to speak the truth or change positively, and if I does not teach his congregation about the salvation of souls, then My judgment will come upon him suddenly, and I the God that avenges will come into his life.

People in Authoritative Positions:

I have sent several messages to them to change and turn to Me, but they are adamant. Some black sheep among the Christians, said it is prophet of doom that deliver the message which hardened the politician's hearts.

Blasphemy against all humans will be forgiven, but any blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this world and the world to come. Anyone who gives prophecy when I did not speak are the people that are cursed, but whoever I send with prophecy and back My words with actions, must not be insulted, but still they blaspheme Me.

It is like the case of Micaiah who prophesied to King Ahab that if he goes to the war he will not return, while all the other prophets give the prophecy of success if he goes to the battle.

There are some so called corrupt pastors that belong to the spiritual generation of perdition. Instead of praying for the country and give honest advise to the politicians what they are looking for is the prophet of doom.

You will identify them by their actions because I did not direct any pastor to be involved in any political activities, and favour any political party, but to be fair to all political parties by praying for the nation and speaking the truth.

My spiritual hand of judgment will come upon the household of every soul that blaspheme My prophecy and insult My ministers says the Lord.

Kings and People in Authority:

I have previously sent My messages to them to change and bring forth fruits of repentance, that can make their subjects to be comfortable, and for peace to reign in their domains.

They should consider their last days on Earth, and refuse bribes that will corrupt their lands. Furthermore, they must think carefully, and realize that they are humans and not God.

The hour of My judgment is coming, and it will come upon the kings, people in authoritative positions, and all the corrupt pastors. I will not be merciful to anyone that is damaging the country in whatever capacity, and those that are instigating confusion within Nigeria.

Judicial Arm of Government:

The people in power must stop meddling in judicial affairs. The judicial arms of the government must be given liberty to operate freely, without interruption or interference from the executive arms of the government.

They must stop using the judges, as a way to fulfill their evil desire, but leave them to judge honestly and fairly.

If Nigeria can look at the process of governance in America and learn lesson from the process Nigeria will be better off.
There is no country without corruption, but the cases of some countries are extreme, the only lesson learnt by Nigeria from America is their laws.

Since nobody is above the law in America, then Nigeria too should give the judicial arms of the government the liberty to judge fairly without favour or bias. If Nigeria can take these steps it will improve the country tremendously.

Legislative And Executive Arms of Government:

They too must be given free hands to discharge their duties, without favour or bias. Furthermore, qualified honest people that have the fear of God should be appointed to head every important institution of the government, like banking sector, petroleum sector, foreign affairs sector, etc., and not the unqualified people as in the case of Nigeria today.

If the authoritative people refuse to implement My directive, then their case will be like that of Haman and Mordecai's story in the Bible in the place of King Ahasuerus. I will take that post away from them, and give it to their neighbor that is better than them. This is My word to the people if they will hear, digest, and act on it, says the Lord.

Stock Exchange, Foreign Exchange, And Economy:

These sectors need supervision and rectification. Those that head all these departments, if they are not qualified then, they should appoint qualified people, or else there may be economic depression in Nigeria.

If Nigeria refuses to follow these instructions, the country will be divided. If a prophet says, she will never witness disintegration, tell the prophet, he is a liar. The only antidote is to repent, change, turn to Me, and implement My instructions/directions.

Kirikiri Prison And Police Cell:

Lots of innocent people are in Kirikiri prison and police cells, they should be given their freedom says the Lord. These people are innocent of their offenses while the real criminals are at large says the Lord of hosts. I want these steps to be taken immediately.

United States of America:


America should provide additional security for every installation/department that is contributing to the economy of the nation. I send this message to them because to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

President Obama:

Obama needs to be very careful, some people are after his life and they intend to carry out this operation before March 2015. Presently they are planning how to implement this criminal activity. Obama must not participate in anything that will displease the Lord, He should permit Christianity religion to expand more and do not forget the American motto “In God We Trust”.

He should resist people from ruining his administration, before he put his signature to anything he must read through and verify the truth. People in authoritative position will like to stain his good administration by doing things on behalf of his administration without notifying him, so be vigilant.

Obama should pray to God to preserve his life concerning those that are after his life, but I can assure you that I will preserve him and will not allow any evil to befall him, says the Lord.

He should provide relief for foreigners that have been living in America for a long period without criminal records. In future election, Asian and African American will be among the people that will contest for white house and they will win the election.

He should arrange a meeting of his cabinets of Directors and another meeting with the Congress leaders whereby they can discuss and take decisions on how the populace most especially the poor will not suffer bearing in mind that it is the cooperation of people that elevates a nation.

American Ambassadors

He should contact the American ambassadors all over the globe because some of them are damaging America's good name. He should always send people to investigate the activities of these ambassadors so that other countries will not disrespect/dishonor America through the unilateral actions of these ambassadors.

Though, many among them are putting in their best for the benefit and progress of America.

America's Economy:

The American economy needs additional security between January and April 2015, because some unscrupulous people are trying to damage the economy, if care is not taken something that America has been keeping for a long period of time will be damaged within twinkle of an eye.

United States Congress:

The Congress that works together for the comfort of the populace will be comfortable during their lifetime. If Nigeria can look at the process of governance in America and learn lesson from the process Nigeria will be better off.

There is no country without corruption, but the cases of some countries are extreme, the only lesson learnt by Nigeria from America is their laws.

Since nobody is above the law in America, then Nigeria too should give the judicial arms of the government the liberty to judge fairly without favour or bias. If Nigeria can take these steps it will improve the country tremendously.

Once more, I am sending this message to America to let the foreigners that have naturalized themselves to become American citizens to be comfortable.

United States Ambassadors:

I salute the courage of all the ambassadors most especially those that are putting in their best despite working under pressure. I will reward each and every one according to their deeds says the Lord.
They must not participate in any political activity or support any political party in whatever country they represent America. Their duty is to give honest advice. It is important they limit themselves to this objective/duty or else it can damage America's reputation.

Any ambassador that did not follow my directive but participate in political activities, when the consequences/judgment comes in form of unrest/chaos I am not responsible. All I am saying is for the ambassadors not to be partial or bias, but remember the motto of America “In God We Trust”.

The Population:

They must not forget their motto “In God We Trust”, therefore they should return to their first love and the God that they trusted since ages, so that the glory of America will manifest.

Received on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


This is what the God of hosts says, I am a truthful God, the unchangeable King, before the creation of the earth I am the one that is reigning and when the earth will be no more, My kingdom will be eternal.

Thus says the Lord, the God of the Spirit of the Hebrews, that is, the King of kings. I descend and speak because things in this world shall be burnt and they shall perish before the world.

What does it profit a man to gain the world and loses his soul? The day that My works in this world can think deeply and believe that they are sojourners in this world, and the world itself is a market place, it is then that humans will be worthy in the presence of their Father.

It is a pity that the filthy, dirty, immoral behaviours of people, plus those that put their trust in human and rejected Me will realise that the time has come for the covenant of My kingship to pass through Nigeria. It is not only Nigeria that the covenant will pass through, but all the countries that rejected and reproached the truth. However, they promote vanities and abominable things of this world.

Every nation that reject the truth and the kingdom of God, all countries that did not believe the truth must listen to the voice that stated “they shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”; who is the truth and who is speaking this sentence? “I am the truthful path and life”. The person that uttered those words was the King of the Jews, Lord of lords that is the Lamb of God. Therefore, any country that reproaches the truth and did not bow under the truth will perish before the truth.

I am coming quickly and My reward is with Me, I will repay everyone according to their work. There is a great day that fire will be used to test everybody's work and fire will be used to measure their works. Most peoples' works are consumed with fire in this world, and by the time they get to heaven there will be nothing to measure.

Humans, write what I am about to say in your hearts; the hour is coming that all My creations will not be able to stand on one another. As it is in the day of Noah, as it is in the day of Lot, as it is in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah, so will it be for the nations that desert the truth, reproach the truth, and did not believe that I Almighty God can still reign in this world. Those that Satan and the Children of Hell has win over (gain them), all these countries will be desolated, says the Lord.

When My judgment will come to pass, and fire will be used to test everyone's work, what group and what position will you be? Since everyone has various types of accusations before God, and many people are yet to forsake the spiritual old man of their paternal family.

I am alive, says the Lord of hosts, the Only Supreme Being that seats in a powerful place. On that day there won't be any excuse before Me. However, the hour is coming when people will not be able to receive the truth. They will prefer the deceitful spirits since this world is filled with sins, and when the hour comes people will not be able to buy or sell.

I am troubled about this world and I have a question for mankind.

1. “What is the reward of your time and efforts in the world?
2. “What profit will it be when I, the King of kings returns.

This is a great question that goes to the four corners of the world.

· The questions are for the nations that believe that I am alive.
· It is for the countries that reproach the truth.
· It is for all the religions under the sky and in fact,
· It is for every living soul.

“What is your reward for your time and efforts in this world”?

Will I meet Christianity faith when I return to this world?
1. The shepherds/pastors refuse to speak or practice the truth according to the doctrines of Christianity.
2. They did not enlighten the world or change people from their sinful lifestyles.
3. They refuse to deliver the world from the hour of panic and the punishment that will follow.
4. They did not call the world to repentance or change the world from the destructive path to the kingdom of God.

Furthermore, the ministers' of God did not warn the world that the coming of Jesus Christ is at hand or let them realize that, all power belongs to God.


The only solution that can stop My judgment and wrath on all the nations is, if they believe that with faith, all things are possible according to the book of Matthew 19: 21-27. It will be difficult for the rich/wealthy to enter the kingdom of God and they must realise that every human has brief and limited time in this world.

I want every country that has reproached, rejected, and is against the truth to repent and change. The people that I called are still in this world. Those that I have prepared, those that can lift nations up spiritually, and those that can make Me to stop panic. Many of them can be found in the following countries:
I have My people of call both young and old in abundance in France, Guinea, Togo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Cuba and many other countries.

I am concerned that what day will My people of call be able to work according to their call? In as much as the powerful people of their countries trample their lives. The youth that are capable to reveal the end time glory are not given the opportunity. Why is it that people did not raise prayers for the called people for Me to establish their call through wonders.

United States of America, there is an old man living in the suburbs in America. He always prays for My spiritual hand to come into America for repairs. He is very old with white hair on his head. He did not rest in his prayer for America.

Other countries are China, Singapore, India, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Italy/Rome, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Britain, Ghana, Gabon, Ethiopia, European countries, and Nigeria.

United States of America

Americans should avoid dividing the nation along political lines. Whenever they implement My directives, then America's past glory will be restored, and her leadership role will be established with strong economy.

President Obama:

Obama should put additional security in place for his protection between January 25 and March 17 2015 in White House and wherever he goes. Some of the people around him did not want him (as president) or in government because his administration is making them uncomfortable through his policies that are pursuing liberation for America which they oppose.

Lots of things are being done on behalf of Obama's administration without his notice or permission. He should permit more prayers from the honest and devoted Christians for the nation. He must not think that he is smart or use his own wisdom, but always ask for God's guidance before making any major decision.


They need prayer regarding misunderstanding that can happen between the republican and the democrats. Pray seriously this time and rebuke whatever dispute that can happen between the republicans and the democrats which can affect every department of the government between January 26 and February 29, 2015.


Pray that dishonest/unscrupulous people will not ruin the economy. This is the third message, every institution/installation that is contributing to the economy must be given additional security. Such places like the refineries, nuclear facilities, power grid etc including the WHITE HOUSE. I am revealing the secrets to you now because I did not want any ambush that can affect the whole world.


Americans should think deeply about aliens that were brought to America at tender/young ages and raised without any criminal record to thrive in America. Secondly, those children that were born inAmerica by alien parents should also be given the opportunity to thrive so that there will be development and economic growth.

Furthermore, if America implements My instructions, then the economy will be established and there won't be any ambush.

Military/US Armed Forces:

Obama should salute the courage of the military personnel for their efforts. He should put in place programs that will motivate the youth to join the military and be willing to travel to anywhere in the world to serve and defend America.


They should be given recognition for their works because they did not disgrace or put this nation to shame.

Health and Law Enforcement Agencies:

They should appreciate and recognize the works of the executive, legislative and judicial arms of the government. Also they should accord due recognition and appreciate the works of health establishment like CDC, the law enforcement agencies like CIA and FBI, it is then that things will be working according to laid out plans.

My hand will pass through America with wrath and fire regarding the people that are bent on ruining the spiritual journey of America and they will be punished accordingly. I want My beloved to start raising the glory of the nation spiritually.

Female President:

I repeat again America will witness a female president very soon.


They must pray seriously regarding their technology sector, so that it will not go up in flames. Pray that the power house of China where innovative things are coming from should not be damaged suddenly.

They should show appreciation and give due recognition to their military personnel.

The president should pray fervently between March 10 and April 27, 2015 so that he will not be poisoned. He must pray that any tragedy that can put his life at risk to be averted. He should pray for himself regarding this issue and encourage the Christians to pray for China as a nation.

If he handles this issue with levity and it happens he will realize that I have sent him warnings.


I will lift up her glory, but they must be prayerful. When the economy of Russia starts to improve they should pray that ambush will not damage it. Russia��should attach additional importance to economy, sports, the three arms of government, and law enforcement agencies.

The useless people should stop tarnishing Russia's image. Russia should always investigate properly before starting any war, in order for all these joyous things to manifest between April 5 andDecember 12, 2015 in which the economy will improve.


It is in this tiny nation that all the witches and the forces of darkness of the world reside. They are living in a big sea/ocean that is spiritually referred to as black water. This sea/ocean changes spiritually because of the powerful satanic realms that dominated this perimeter of the sea/ocean.


It is land that is flowing with milk and honey; the grace that I bestow upon her surpasses that of other countries, most especially among the black nations. No country among the black nations has such grace, but instead of Nigeria to lay good example for other black nations to follow, her behaviour is irritating to Me at all times.

Many people are prophesying when I did not send them. Most people are giving message because they did not want people to say they did not talk or deliver message. It is not only Jeremiah that is a prophet in the land of Israel during his period, but I uplift only Jeremiah. There are other prophets in Israel during Samuel's time, but it pleases Me to speak through him. It is grace that makes me to call people, and whoever answers the call on time I will utilize him.

It is a pity that the Nigeria's spiritual ship of salvation filled with people is in the midst of the sea. To what destination will this ship carry the people? Is it the shore of success or coast of nothing?

They should be obedient because it is righteousness that uplift a nation. The country should learn lesson from Haiti the earthquake that happened in 2010. Also, Somalia and Syria should teachNigeria lessons. Therefore, they must stop any provocation or whatever that can lead to war because the sky that is crashing will come upon everybody with no escape.

Call for Prayer:

They should assemble those that have My inspiration and My Holy Spirit dwells in their lives.
· Those that are capable to make the nation receive spiritual liberty.
· Those who can call on Me through their tears and I will answer promptly.
· Those that are capable to pray for the country to change must be assembled among the religious leaders to pray for these politicians so that My Spirit will direct them to appoint called people to appropriate positions and stop postponing their promotions/postings.

President Obasanjo:

He should examine himself critically, because if I mark iniquity, both himself and his children are not worthy to receive anything form Me. He should stand for the rectification of Nigeria and remember that riches and wealth belong to Me. He must think that how many years remains for him to live therefore; he should leave a good legacy and history. If he refuses to tell these politicians the truth, without collecting bribe or supporting any side, then the repercussion will come upon him.

If he supports any party, it can lead to his death in the future during the turbulent time because it is not what he thinks will happen, but what he least expects is what the party that he supports will do to him. He must change, turn to Me, and amend wherever he is lacking. He should also advise the political aspirants to repent, change, and turn to God for guidance.

All the ex-presidents, ex-governors, and the rest, I did not see any of them whose work is perfect. Therefore, all of them must repent and change for the better, bearing in mind that when the sky is falling it will collapse on everybody. They should remember the future of their children. Furthermore, they should know that their generation is passing away, but what about their unborn generation? Whatever deed that is done is what history will say about them.

This man must stand firm, it is his hour of speaking the truth and not to be bias or partial. What I expect from him is repentance, change of mind totally, and what is the reward of my efforts in this world?

He should beware of the pastors that are following him because they are deceiving him and they cannot speak the truth. They give false messages, talking when I the Almighty God did not say anything. They are only deceiving you by saying, “God said He has heard your prayer”. This is a big lie.

I still give him the grace to repent and change so that Nigeria can be delivered from darkness through him. If the darkness comes upon a nation through somebody, then it can be delivered through somebody and that is you. You must be concerned about this issue. Therefore, think and take necessary steps without supporting any of the politicians.

Do not allow those that are deceiving you make you to sell the Yoruba tribe for the second time. Yoruba if you allow this to happen, then the great event that happened during the Awolowo's era may repeat itself.

Therefore you must beware, do not support any of the aspirants, be firm to speak the truth and repent.

Emir of Kano, Sultan of Sokoto, King of Benin, Ooni of Ife, Alafin of Oyo, Alake of Egba Land, King Sikiru Awujale, King of Lagos, and King of Imo State:

All the kings must sleep the three natural positions that humans use to sleep for rectification of Nigeria. They must sit and think about how liberty and relief can be established in Nigeria.

I will not look favourably at any king that refuses to speak the truth.

1. They must let the stability and peace of the town be above any politician.
2. They should call a meeting on how to make amendments and resolve the problems that are troubling the nation.
3. They must stop supporting political activities and remain neutral because when the sky is crashing down, it will come upon everybody.
4. What I desire from them is total change and elevation of the glorious hand because the hour of the glory has come.
5. They should take necessary steps that will bring succor to their subjects.
6. They must stand firm and speak the truth because they too are representatives in this world because they too are My messengers.
7. They must not participate in bloodshed.
8. They must remember that it is not their power that put them in that position, because the owner of their soul can take it when they least expect.
9. They must come to term that Nigeria needs supervision and rectification.

I send them to speak the truth most especially regarding the dishonest and unqualified people in positions. They should remember that they have children.
Furthermore, any king that there are developments, peace and stability during his reign, history will immortalize his name. So also is the king whose reign is dominated with crises and bitterness, people will never forget too.

I am waiting for implementation of these steps and they should let the politicians realize that they are nothing but dust; they must not collect any bribe from the politicians or reproach the truth, but enlighten them that it is God that can install anyone in position and not power. Otherwise they will partake in the upcoming judgment that is the reason why I send this message to them to be forewarned.


Thus says the Lord of hosts, I have sent several ambassadors/pastors those that My anointing is still flowing in their lives to the politicians and they refuse to harken to their voices, but they honours the pastors whose anointing have dried up and I have rejected them like Saul in the Bible. Many pastors that belong to this group, I have torn their glorious garment of call because they put the Bible aside and they were initiated into satanic covenant and they reproach the truth because of vanities of this world.

They turned their back on the kingdom of God because of luxury/pleasures of this world that cannot save them. They have forgotten that I will ask for their souls one day. Furthermore, they did not know the type of death that will take their lives, where they will die and at what hour.

Most people learn lesson from the life and time of Idi Amin of Uganda. What about Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor stories, is it not enough to learn from? Abacha and Abiola's history is not enough to teach politicians lessons? Segun Agagu's life and death can't people learn from it.

Even the women celebrities' deaths should teach them lessons that it is not restricted to men but the owner of their lives can take it back at anytime. Simbiat Abiola, Kudirat Abiola, Stella Obasanjo etc. What about Yaradua's case, Awolowo, Bola Ige and others? Why, is it that people cannot sleep the three natural positions that humans use to sleep which will make them to think deeply? Then, what will be the reward of your time and efforts when the owner of your life asks for it?

Contesting Politicians:

I have said there will be bloodshed before Election Day if the contesting politicians refuse to listen to the truth. If they fail to think and repent because Nigeria is a great country with her motto “peace for the nation, if the politicians did not abide by this motto, but make people to look down on Nigeria as a corrupt nation, whereas it is a country that I redeemed through the beauty of My glory and raise the end time called people that are presently shaking the world.

Any aspiring politician that refuses to stop all his criminal activities and repent, if he fails to believe that his efforts in this world will be rewarded, If his plan to win the election is not to care of the populace, but to benefit himself and this caucus, he shall not win the election.
Any politicians that intend to rectify the situation, and bring relief to the masses, will be elected. Furthermore any aspirant that intends to stop corruption, idolatry, and bloodshed shall win the election no matter the level of spiritual storm.

Many of these aspiring politicians if they refuse to follow the messages, tenets, and authority that I sent through My servants/pastors, if they reproach the truth and did not follow honest advice, furthermore if they believe that it is the satanic power of initiation or power of darkness or seeking power from other countries that will make them win the election shall not succeed.

Some of them travel to countries like Mali, Russia, India, America, and Israel. What I want from them is to surrender their hearts totally to Me and believe that it is only Jesus Christ power that can deliver. This group of politicians must believe that the vanities of this world will pass away with it and the powerful person can pass away at any time. On the other hand there is an immortal, unfaded, and unchangeable Being because He is the Alpha and Omega. If they have this knowledge and believe, then their election will be meaningful.

Every political aspirant that has reproached the truth, those that trusted themselves, and are not filled with My fear, such politicians shall not win the election.

Jonathan and Buhari:

The supporters of Jonathan will be after Burahi's life, while Buhari's supporters too will be after Jonathan's life. Therefore, both of them must provide fruits that are worthy of repentance. They must know that it is not power that can make one to multiply, but My grace. At times, power can even cause disrespect/dishonor without remedy. If they think that they are important personalities, then both of them will contest, but none of them will be sworn in as the president.

I swear by My throne, I swear by the Covenant of the day I created the heavens and the universe, both men will contest, but it is a revolution that will prevent them from occupying the political office, if it does not happen, then I am not God anymore.

If both of them refused to change, there won't be any election; it is the third time I am sending this message. When it is about seven days before the election, an event will happen that will make them to postpone the election. The event is the death of the godfather/mentor of one of these political aspirants. In fact, the aspirant and the godfather/mentor will go out together, but the godfather will be spiritually sworded that will result in death.

Nigerian Arms of Government and Armed Forces:

They should empower the law enforcement officers to carry out their duties without hindrance or interference. They should give the judicial staff necessary power to judge fairly without partiality or favoritism. They should allow the executive, legislative, and the military personnel to do their jobs without interruption, distraction, and interference from any quarter.

The Called People:

There are many called people among the military personnel, police force, bankers, foreign affairs department, petroleum sector, judicial arms of government, legislative, and the executive arms of government that are honest, qualify and with My fear dominating their lives. These people if given the chance, they will solve the troubles pestering Nigeria and liberate the nation. Also, there will be economic growth, peace and stability if given the chance to serve the country.

The called people that are not politicians, but I have elected, they are coming to rectify the situation in Nigeria, both young and old are coming to repair the nation.

Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC):

Mr John-Kennedy Opara:

I greet their leader Opara to increase his efforts in 2015. He should use my wisdom and not human smartness. I will promote him in 2015 and I will take him to a better position so that everyone within the organization can perform their duties with joy.

I salute the head of this organization for all his efforts in 2014. He acted on the messages sent to him. Therefore for his obedience My glory will not cease in his life. He should write it down; he will be promoted to a powerful position in the nation that will make things easy and comfortable for all the people that are working with him. He should not relent concerning the people that are pray for the nation, and he must remember that it is My power that put him in this position.

He must be honest and continue to pray for Nigeria; people working with him and the pastor, including his entourage to Israel should participate in prayer for Nigeria to be established. My spiritual hand will lift up his glory and his glory will rise through the power and the covenant that I used in creating the heavens and the universe. I will promote this messenger, says the Lord of hosts.

I saw his efforts and the efforts of the people working with him in 2014. I saw how he enlightened people, pastors, congregations, and federal cabinet people most especially, the ones in Israelregarding praying for Nigeria. He has been rewarded for his efforts last year, but he should increase in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in 2015.

He should be a leader and not a boss. I will make sure that everyone that works with honesty in NCPC will be rewarded starting from January to April 2015 for their efforts of 2014. Some will be promoted while others will be posted to better positions. There are some among them that I will crown spiritually from heaven.

There are some of his friends within government cabinet that did not want him in that position. These friends used to work in NCPC, but because of the behaviours and mistakes, of the past leaders they are transferred or posted to another area. These so called friends are very angry; although they may not show it physically, therefore, beware.

Be careful of what you will eat or drink between February 2 and 21 March, 2015. Add wisdom to your faith and combine your journey with understanding. I will not allow him to be ambushed, but be honest and add wisdom to your honesty in 2015.

Son of man, I am taking him to a position that is better than his present post. If I did not do this then I am not God again. I will take him and his team suddenly to a better position in the presence of the authoritative people and he will be among the people in authority in Nigeria. You can write it down for record purposes.

Every soul within NCPC that put in their best shall be rewarded this year says the Lord of hosts including people in legal office.
Henry at NCPC:

I will add crown to his glory in 2015. Though there are many enemies that surrounded him, still my covenant is assured in his life. The only thing is for him to be honest in his work and resist the influence/pressure from any where because the hour of his reward is at hand. I will lift My glorious hand in his life this year, and I will turn his worries and reproach to glory this year.

NCPC Staff:

Their reward is here, but they should continue without looking back they should not look for the downfall of one another; they should walk with honesty and be established in truth. If they believe fully in Me, then big reward is coming their way this year 2015.

My spiritual hand will pass through NCPC for meaningful promotion and I will not allow any problem to ambush them, only for them to be honest in 2015 says the Lord of hosts.

Women in Politics:

Women will contest elections and win powerful positions in Nigeria very soon we will see female governors in Nigeria.

First Lady Patience Jonathan:

It is My grace and the prayer of the beloved that sustained her last year. She must beware and careful, also she must put her hope in the name of Almighty God, in order for her to be rewarded for her efforts on her husband so that somebody that did not work will be rewarded for her efforts. She must be honest and be filled with My fear.

She must believe that all power belong to only Jesus Christ and she must not listen to the deceit of people giving her assurance that it is well. Either they are herbalist, Muslim clerks or the prophets; she must not listen to them, but make Me Almighty God her hope and trust so that her glory and peace will last.

Furthermore, in order for the spiritual arrow in her body not to terminate her life, I leave this grace for her, purposely because I need her alive. Therefore, she must come quickly to Me and receive liberty before the window of grace is closed, says the Lord.

What you need is carefulness. Also beware of what you eat and the clothes you wear during this period says the Lord. I Almighty God need to accomplish powerful work in your life so that your glory will manifest, says the Lord of hosts.

Bola Tinubu:

He must beware this time around so that whatever he underestimated may not harm him. Whoever that people did not want in town must not sing. Be very careful among the people that you are running around with. Do not trust humans and make amendments wherever you are lacking.

Believe that power and healings belong to only God and do not allow the people around you to continue to deceive you. I leave time for repentance for everybody before My judgment hand passes through Nigeria.

You must realize that it is not mortal power that protected and preserve up to this period. I want you to be vigilant whenever you go out and when coming back among your people but change, repent, and give your mind totally to Me.

Be observant of what you eat and drink because Satan can use people that are close to you to terminate your life. If you repent then My glory will heal you without medication.

Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Finance Minister):

I send this message to her to be honest in 2015 because the wealth of this world will end one day. I want her rectification so that her body can receive perfect healing. The physicians and the medical personnel cannot cure her. It is only Me, God that can heal her and preserve her life with no one to stop Me.

She should be honest in 2015 so that her wealth will not perish suddenly; I want to pass through her life so that the people after her life and the people that don't want her in that position will not have the opportunity to terminate her life. She must be honest and believe, that all power belongs to only Jesus Christ, it is then that My divine peace will reign in her physical body, says the Lord of hosts.