PDP Governor, Isa Yuguda Admit Party Members, Not APC Attacked President Jonathan In Bauchi

Source: abusidiqu.com
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Governor Isa Yuguda of Baucho State has admitted that members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and not the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC), attacked the campaign team of President Goodluck Jonathan during their visit to Bauchi.

Speaking on a BBC Hausa service, Yuguda, who is also a member of the PDP said some of the leading political party 's ruling members were unsettled at the state of Abuja and are the ones who organized the youth violence.

“I am sure and let the world know that the people who did this thing were PDP members and those politicians in Abuja were the ones behind it; they were not APC members.

“They found these youths on the road and gave them brooms and they instructed them that when the president was passing they should raise the brooms and pelt them at him.

“They did that so that the president would think that Isa Yuguda is against him. They have been telling him in Abuja that we are not supporting him. They did that to show the president that Isa Yuguda is nothing in Bauchi, to show that despite being an indigene of Bauchi, Isa Yuguda could not be respected with his guests in Bauchi,” he said.

“We were not aware of the plan ahead of the rally. They took us by surprise. Did you ever heard of such a disgrace to any guest in Bauchi, let alone the president?” he asked.

Asked whether he also knew those behind the burning of the APC office in the state, he said, “I did not know who burnt the APC office in Bauchi. All I know is that these youths were recruited.”