Pdm To Pdp:we Sacrifice Our Money We Use To Purchased Forms For The Sake Of Democracy

By Tom Garba,Yola

A former People's Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart Dr Modibbo Ahmed who recently defected to People's Democrat movement (PDM) and has the Gubernatorial ticket of the party in Adamawa State said he sacrificed all that he spend in PDP to the cause of democracy, responding to any call by PDP to reconcile with aggrieved party members is rather too late as many kind of Midibbo's have gone a long way to canvas votes in other parties and he promised to resist any attempt by PDP to manipulate a shift in the February 2015 general election calendar in Adamawa state.

Ahmed made his view known to journalist at his campaign office in Yola through his campaign's Director General, Barr Sunday Wugira.Modibbo said that despite the stand of Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] to go ahead with the said polls in the three troubled states of the North East, the PDP was plotting to shift the date of the election in the name of insecurity that have rampaging the northern area of the state

According to him the ruling Party is working tooth and nail to manipulate in shifting the date of the election having realize that the party will not win in a free and fair polls in the state. Adding that the security situation in the entire North East part of the nation if being managed well by the federal government it will not allow the miscreants called Boko Haram to be terrorizing us in our own father land, government should respond to their constitution duties of protecting our live and our property.

However Wugari noted that the PDP led federal government was not lying by telling Nigerians that they are on the top of the security situation he added that the move to suspend the conduct of election in the state was selfish and does not reflect the realities of security situation in the state.

He accused the government for double standards having told the people that it was on top of the insurgency only to reverse itself and portray the insecurity as being out of hand because it does not want the election to hold for selfish motives.

“Adamawa state is safe for the conduct of election except if the government will fold its arms again simply because they don't want to hold election and allow these miscreants to come back again and retake the towns,” he said.

He said that the failure of the government to take drastic measures curtailing the insurgency at the first instance led to its escalation adding that by so , the government has failed in performing its primary

“If we had a responsible government, what happened in Mubi wouldn't have happened. For a government to come and say that there will be no election because of security issues is unfortunate,” he said.

He maintain that no any members of the PDM are trying to retrace its step back to the PDP following the ongoing reconciliation in the party.

'' We deemed it imperative to call you this morning to address very important issue that is arising in the political affairs of our dear state. We in the Dr Moddibo campaign organisation believe that we have a solid team on ground, most of our contestants are ready and they have gained ground in their areas of contest

'' and they have come this morning here to add the issue that is going around that the PDP, is calling back its members who contested in botched primary election to come and collect back the money they use in purchasing nominations forms''