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Spirit Guides have advocated against complacency, constantly showing us how to see the bigger picture, take the higher road, and live lives defined by Unconditional Love. Sometimes we learn well.  Sometimes, although we try repeatedly, we remain unsuccessful in integrating into our present personalities the higher ways that they ask us to consider.  These cherished unseen friends patiently embrace us with understanding and acceptance, teaching us by example the importance of living our day-to-day lives by a three-word guideline:  Love Is All.

Spirit:  Do not hurry along the woodland path, or you will miss the joy of the morning's sun.   There is time; there is always time.  Look around you often.  Turn and look at how far you have already proceeded and still the dawn is just beginning to break!  Do not be tempted to run now.  Sit and watch the chipmunks.  Let the bluebirds serenade you. Spend this time reaching out and perhaps getting to know each of your Guides.  You love us in faith.  Perhaps you will love us even more if we become clearer to your vision, if you realize our love for you and our dedication to helping you toward spiritual

Whenever you feel the desire, communicate with us.  We will always answer.  We will always come to you in Love.  Your mind sometimes asks how to be sure this is your Guide speaking, rather than your higher self.  The guidance is Love, either way, so do not trouble your heart.

When you bring us the joy of your childlike trust, we will never misuse it.  In fact, we will continue to guide you to maintain your wise, conservative caution and your own independence of thought.  Your desire to serve God and your brothers and sisters on Earth is already creating your path to that service.  You need do nothing more right now than to study, talk, practice, and most of all right now spend a little time each day in meditation.

Spirit:  We are seeking to bring you Love.  We are seeking to give you ideas to think about.  Our ideas are truths that we have been taught.  We will never teach you something that we do not believe.  But that does not mean that we will not understand if you think differently, or if you have questions, or if you do not agree with what we teach.

It would be impossible for us to guide you and teach you something we do not believe.  That is sometimes done on your Earthplane, but never successfully.  Never for the growth of the spirit can you teach someone something you do not believe or swear to someone something you do not believe, or encourage someone in a way that you do not believe.  It simply will not work, not in the long run.

So yes, we believe whatever we say to you.  But you are not to feel forced into any action or any opinions or to feel that we have any expectations of anything except that you will be willing to hear what we present.  We, in turn, will open ourselves to hear you when you have questions, and to try to explain things in a completely different way if what we have said confuses you. So we are asking you to trust our motives and our desire to help.  And to trust yourselves.  If you do not understand something we present, do not pretend that you do or find it necessary to agree with something.  Just be open and tell us that you don't understand or that you don't agree and why.

Spirit Guides - Who are we and what is our purpose?

Spirit:  Welcome.  We Guides from the Light who are not gods, and those who expect this of us will be sorely disappointed.  For you to search for perfection anywhere except within Divine Love is fruitless, and greatly hinders our ability to guide you. We work to bring you closer to the Light that you have named God, and that we prefer to term Love. We work to help you reconnect with the Love within you and in this way to find your path, your reason for being. We want to be your partners as you search for the fullness of your existence.  We want to walk beside you as your friends.  We work to shine Light in such a way that you are assisted in your spiritual searches.

Know that the journey to the Light begins with a spiraling journey inward. This is the elementary step in the outward expansion you call growth. There first must be activity within the nucleus, within the seed, within the womb, within the nova itself, before change can occur that affects others. We are honored, as Teachers and fellow travelers, to share with you this time of moving closer to the Light.

Spirit:  I give to each of you the time of the awakening. I say to you to take off the blinders, to be aware, to be aware of the renaissance, to be aware of the awakening, to be aware of what is happening. There is much activity going on on your plane. There is much happening. Where you think same, it is different.  Look and see.  Stop and look.  See the difference. Awaken. See what is happening around you. Be aware, be open, be alive; be present where you are.

This gift is vital to your spiritual growth. I give this to each of you, to all who will accept.  I call each of you to awaken, for it is again an age of renaissance, and it is time for you to be aware that you are a part of it. It is time for you to be active. It is time for you to pick up the wide-angle lenses, so to speak, and the macro lens. I am saying for you to be awake, aware, and alive. I am constantly speaking to you about this, for it is easy to sleep, it is easy to relax, it is easy to doze, it is easy to be in a daze and to neglect, to not neglect to do the work that is required if you are to be a part of what is going on right now spiritually on your plane. You can either float by unaware, or you can be a part of it.  You are called to be a part of it.

Your Guides Won't Do Life For You
Spirit:  For your Guides to spell out everything and give you the entire scenario as we see it would eliminate many of your opportunities to make choices.  Our goal is not to tell you how to jump across the creek, for example.  Our goal is to lead you to the creek and show you the stepping stones and also show you the strong, sturdy branches that can be made into a little bridge, and also show you the tree and the rope that you can use to make a swing, and then to step back and see what you decide to do with all of these things.

If we just lift you across, you have not learned anything.  You haven't learned how to swing across.  You haven't learned how to build a bridge.  You haven't learned how to step on the stepping stones.  You haven't learned what happens if you fall in the creek and get washed downstream.  And you haven't learned what happens if you just sit on the bank and cry because you can't get across the stream.

Spirit:  Much growth and much learning of Love is accomplished on the physical planes.  It is far, far, far more challenging there than here on the Astral Plane, and so it brings a soul a more rapid learning of lessons.  Incarnating on Earth is not sought because it is a pleasure.  There are pleasant areas upon your Earth, as there were upon mine, but living on Earth is not primarily pleasant.  You may say that you find it necessary to go to the hospital, and there may be a food that you particularly enjoy while you are a patient.  But you do not normally say that being hospitalized is an especially enjoyable experience.  A Learner may be taken to a place with locks and bars, a prison, and within that he may find books which teach him and bring stimulation to his mind and open him to understand things that he did not understand before.  Yet he does not subsequently ask for permanent admittance to that prison.