Halima Abubakar Had Attempted To Take Her Life Because She Was Broke

Source: Ayodeji Ake/Nigeriafilms.com

While some will be wondering, why Desmond ventured into politics and will no longer entertain them in the movie industry, Desmond as finally open up on why he migrated into politics and has explained his plans for the movie industry.

Desmond has explained in a recent interview that politics has been his desire from onset and he is just too fortunate of being the right candidate at present.

"Politics has always been a part of me and by that, I did not suddenly go into it. The time then I guess was not right, but now, I have everything in place. I've been involved in campaigns for some governors and even the President. I've been on the campaign train for very long"

He revealed he does not intend to quit Nollywood for politics; rather he will use his political power to stabilize laws guiding the industry.

"I can never leave Nollywood. I am only going to help in propagating and promoting laws that would help to structure the industry, make it better, and improve it from the present situation it is in. They will definitely feel my impact." he said.

Desmond Olushola Elliot is contesting for a political sit at the Lagos state house of assembly under the All Progressive Congress (APC) party.