Booking a Hotel - What Do Nigerian Travellers Look Out For?

By Feyisayo Adeyemi

Ever wondered what Nigerian travelers look for when booking hotels online? Africa's No 1 hotel booking portal just released an infographic which shows an interesting trend about hotel booking and the hospitality industry in Nigeria.

According to the infographic and a bit surprising, Air Conditioning is top on the list. Second is the availability of a swimming pool. Staying connected to the world is very important in this age which makes Wifi (internet access) the third most important facility travelers look for when booking a hotel.

Digging further, the survey shows pricing is top on the mind of travelers with 78% filtering their search based on price range (lowest to highest). Only 22% of travelers place priority on the ratings and reviews of the hotels.

For its affordability and comfort, 3 star hotels are popular choice with about 37% of travelers looking to book. Next is the 4 star luxury hotels with 33%. Interestingly, more travelers are looking for 5 star hotels than 2 star hotels.

Other interesting facts from the survey is that the longest stay booked through the platform was for 89 nights. The most remote hotel in Nigeria is in Calabar – the Obudu Castle Ranch in the Sankwala Mountain. It takes more than 5 hours driving to get to the ranch and it could take up to 10 hours in bad weather climate.

Travelers now find it easier to access numerous hotels, search through and book the one most suited for their need with online services like Jovago.

This survey is based on several thousands of Nigerian travelers who booked through in December 2014.