A Serving Law Maker In Adamawa Is Calling For Peaceful Coexistence As General Elections Draws Nearer

By Tom Garba,Yola

A member representing Leko/Koma in Adamawa state House of Assembly, Hon Aloysious Baba Dauke who much contributions in making laws and passing bills in the house has turned him to be one of the trusted member that earned immense respect to both his colleagues and his kings men in his constituency.

Dauke who was a chairman committee on health and a member of many committees in the house of assembly,an aspirant in the flat form of people's democratic movement,PDM, who is doing exactly what his people are wanting him to do with full satisfaction of all he has been doing in the House. With the level of his good representation his people are still not tired of the good project that he has been commissioning in various communities so he can help bring more government presence closer to the people of Leko/Koma,told Journalist at his house in Yola that nothing in this life that can be compare with our peace which is slowly becoming a lost item in our society,Baba describe peace as the fresh air of every economy without it a whole system will be in a jeopardy and no meaningful development will ever take place.

"Peace is pivotal and a live line of any economy to revolts on,we can develop our country to be the best in the world but when peace is lacking the good policy will be a mess,it will crumble down any good policy and development".Alloysious said

"Getting peace it's a deliberately efforts of all of us in this state to decide to live in peace, we must agree to work together inrespective of our religion believes, tribal differences and of course of political affiliations. For us to have a lasting peace in Adamawa state and Nigeria at large we must learn to vote widely, we must get the right people that can lead us without any iota of injustice, this coming February is a determinant year for our peace in this country lets vote out those troubling our nation and get those inn to stabilize our system with good policies that will bring a sustainable peace". Dauke added

The aspirant assured the people of Leko/Koma that his agreement with them of good representation and bringing meaningful development is none negotiable, he striked a deal with them to pass good bills that has direct effect to the people of Leko/Koma and the entire Adamawa as a whole.

"My goodness to you will never change, you've called me to served you better because you believe in me,I am assuring you of better days ahead of transforming the entire constituency with my good plans"He added