By Tom Garba,Yola

European Commission Humanitarian Aid and civil protection, an international donor agency that has the sole mandate of reaching to those displaced and hurting especially those areas been attacked by all forms of insurgencies. The NGO has been in Nigeria since March last year with their IDPs camps scattered across the Northern part of Adamawa state where the insurgents' attacks have been prevalence.

While rendering succor to thousands of people from Michika ward one, the displaced person were privilege to receive relieved materials ranging from food items, beddings and Toiletries in community camps outside the designated camps in Yola.

The humanitarian program manager of OXFAM,Yinka Afolabi who maintained that ECHO are the sole primary sponsors of all program of OXFAM and COSIPE their indigenous sister organization who are the co-worker of helping those in distress situations

“We are in Adamawa for the past 8 months bringing relieve items to displaced persons on an intermittently regular basis, so far we've touched up to 500 household with our relieve materials and we have a goal target to reach up to 100 hundreds households in no distance time. ”n Yinka assured

In appreciation to what ECHO,OXFAM and COSIPE are doing in Adamawa state the Leader of Michika one ward Shuaibu Y Liman thanks ECHO co-sponsors to always come to the need of the IDPs at all times since last year.

“We have nothing to say than to thank this international donor agencies who are always at our rescue doors to help us that we are distressed from the attacks of Boko Haram,I want to equally thank the state government too, individuals and high spirited persons who at times will sneaked in with their relieve materials without the notice of any body and share to us may God almighty bless them more, and also pray that even this election we will all go back to our various communities that we have been dislodged from” Liman prayed