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Liver Transplant

Liver is the second most transplanted organ in the body after kidney, so it is very clear that the disease of liver is serious and common problem which many people are facing worldwide. Liver is the largest organ in the body which helps to digest food, store energy and remove wanted toxins. As the largest solid organ in body, the ideal functioning of liver is to store important substance like vitamins and minerals. It even acts as filter hereby removing blood impurities. People with chronic liver failure, need a transplantation to survive. Researchers indicate that the reason for failure in adults is either due to cirrhosis caused because of Hepatitis C or cirrhosis caused due to long-term alcohol abuse.

Liver Transplantation is a surgery to remove the diseased or infected liver and replace it with the help of a healthy liver. Thorough investigations are done by the medical panel team to analyze and scrutinize the medical records of both the patient and the donor in-order to avoid any kind of health complications in the future. Surgeons say that, the recipient need to under-take the following tests viz. tissue and blood typing to make sure that the body does not rejected the donated liver, blood and skin test to check any kind of infection, heart test – ECG or EKG and test to look at liver, blood vessels around, gallbladder, pancreas and small intestine. The recipient has take medication as prescribed by the surgeon for the rest of their life to avoid complications in future.

Top Liver Transplant Centers in India provides cutting-edge clinical solution, research, use of latest hi-tech equipments, astonished care and support to international patients travelling to India from various corners of the world. Medical professionals and administrative staff aim at imparting unparalleled services to international patient and their family in India. India offers one-stop solution and facilities to international suffering from acute liver failure. Indian medical centers assure quality care to patient and their family hereby providing ethical facilities and meet patients needs.

The clinical team at Forerunners Healthcare Consutlants has widespread expertise to handle such intricate surgical procedures with utmost care and importance and attain well-defined outcome. Affordable and cost-effective treatment plan package is provided to international patient and their family thus making their travel comfortable, relaxed and cozy in India. The team provides quality care assistance to patient and their family during their stay in India.

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