Adamawa State-a Success Story For Pdm To Form A Government

By Tom Garba,Yola

The long unresolved party internal crisis of the people's Democracy Party is turning into a wrong signal to the entire party loyalist on how the state chapter of the ruling party has turned into a ridicule to all the party stalwarts, the dangers signs have becomes more pronounced on a recent sharp divisions of party founding fathers in the state have drawn a parallel battle lines of political war turning Adamawa state to be a PDP war front zone.

It became an evidence the majority of the party supporters have an unreserved total loyalty to the suspended state chairman Chief Joel Madaki who are mostly pro Bamanga Tukur a suspended party founding member and former national chairman of the party who have turned to be a big bull confronting the pro Nuhu Ribadu as a Governor to be, a faction under the detects of Prof Jibrin Aminu who are been nickname Abuja politician of the state.

The state political war have brewed to the extend a Pro Nuhu Ribadu became the suckling baby of the national party who will never go hungry or un-suck when cry for a bread and water in the party, recently the national working committee (NCW) have cancel the state House of assembly conducted in the state and ordered a new primaries and all other primaries in the state should be conducted in Abuja without a prior notice to Joel Madaki led faction an act seem to cage out the members of the party under chief Joel Madaki and to publicly tell the world of Bamanga's lack of wittingly mind to hold the party affairs of the state.

Should it be the primaries done in Abuja is going to hold many waters in a running basket, will the candidates be more credible than others candidates from opposition? Will they maintain the party not from breaking up or defecting to other party? Can they be popular enough to challenge those coming from the other faction of the party under Madaki who is having a more organized members and delegates? Can the Ribadu faction convince the elder state men of the state of their wherewithal to resuscitate the state? What is the fate of the incumbent Government who has declared his interest to run for 2015? Will the issue of imposition who has been an enemy of the state repeat itself? Will PDP stand the state of APC strong threads of taken the leadership of the state from the ruling party? APC a party seen to be more organized and having peaceful primaries and more formidable ready to take away the leadership, these and many others questions that I believe the ruling party cannot produce the answers now.

It's of worthy to note that many people in the country have a totally lost in the affairs of PDP as a ruling most especially those from the constant attacks of Boko Haram have since indicated their less interest in the doing of PDP in Adamawa,they are have been seeing PDP as a monster in the state that have to be hated in all hatreds.

The 2015 elections is far becoming a reality as the year is coming to an end, people expect the ruling party top even hide their wicket intentions to the people of Nigerians but more and more evil atrocity are been committed by the ruling party against the wish of the people of the country recently the Tchadian bound plane, the Jail Breaks, the spate of Killings across, the ferrying of few PDP delegates from Yola to Abuja to cast their votes on behave of many others delegates that were short changed because of selfish interest of few individuals of the party, the deliberate devaluation of our currency, whereby a naira exchange for American dollar is about 190 to a dollar and the revolting sense of Anomy in the Country. I also observed the deafening silence from our Rulers in Abuja with a lot of concern. I then re-read Christopher Kolade's statement on the current leadership of the Country one more time. My apprehension turned to fear. I have been closed to political leaders three times in my life and in all three i have come to learn one constant and unfortunate lesson. "When the ship is sinking, the captains is the last to know the truth and by then it's too late" In effect, everything is crumbling in the Country, i mean everything, the Politics, the Economy, Security, (name it) is crumbling. Yet, some Court-Jesters are paying stolen money to issue stupid Press Statements, run revolting Adverts and print annoying Posters telling the President that He is the Bst Nigeria ever got. I have nothing against Goodluck Ebele Jonathan but he has either willingly or unwillingly surrendered himself captive in the hands of some evil and demonic forces in the form of a cabal that have no faith in the Country, no faith in the People and certainly no faith in God Almighty whether they go to Mosque or Church a million times a day.

PDP internal problems In Adamawa state is a coupled reason among many that may likely edge out the party from forming a government in the state as the recent party primaries was badly criticized and rejected by Joel Madaki led faction of the party, it appears there is going to be two parallel party leaders with different primaries which at end the two fighters will gun shot down by the wherewithal political schemes of the opposition party (APC).

The now permutations of the politics in Adamawa state is that; Should it Bala Nggilari is the PDP candidate, will he stand the political wind blows that is blowing from the high and mighty of the Adamawa state cabals who believe to own the party and their biddings must be strictly followed against the many wishes of the common man in the state, will the weaker Bala as many presume him to be to take the state to next line of action in rebuilding and remaking the state in terms of infrastructure, poverty alleviation, employment generations and so forth.

It is clearly certain that the seating governor Barr Bala James Nggilari was forceful given a senatorial form against his wish to contest in the forth coming gubernatorial election in February to support the imposed Nuhu Ribadu? Will Ribadu who is an imposter that do not serve the party only to be imposed to the people of Adamawa within a few months of his defection? Will he be able to reap where he had not sown?, they Madaki faction is strongly against the imposition of candidates according to Joel “Imposition of candidates is what I can never accept which the opinion of Adamawa people, I was remove because I am kicking against the imposters who are mostly Abuja politicians”. What is appearing now in the political scene of Adamawa state is a fight of two royal brothers and only the royal Father can decide the heir to the throne, as it is now Ribadu being the second heir of the Royal home (PDP) seems to enjoy the royal blessings against the first heir of the throne, who is like the Biblical prodigal son always at laggards heads with the fathers, enjoying the wealth of PDP and Later ran to APC to where found it comfortable to bastardize them government of the then and now with malicious names he label them, but only to come back to have a second chance with many royal emblem round his neck as the anointed candidate of PDP in the state.

With all this growing enmity in the party will the chance of Ribadu to form government be certain? Will the Likes of Bala James Nggilari, ,Awwal Tukur,Engr Kama and Buba Marwa who have shown interest to contest since last bye election stoop law and bow down to the detects of an Impostor like Nuhu Ribadu? There is more to that fact where most of them have serve PDP since its inception and only now they will denied the privilege of becoming government against Ribadu whom, is a new comer in the party system. This can be a certain speculation that might hold water for a long time, their settlement can probably going to be in the court of law which even at that it might not be to their own favor which at the end of the day is defection is the option that will be more comfortable to most of them. It now become a reason far more than a fact that PDM is in a celebration galore, as PDP are busy fighting among themselves PDM is busy scheming and strategizing to beat up PDP come 2015

Since the defection of Mohammed Ahmed Modibbo to People democratic Movement,PDM alongside many Aishatu Ahmed Binani,BinoS Yaroe,some serving House of Assembly members and thousand s of their loyalties to support their gubernatorial candidate, Dr Ahmed Mohammed Modibbo

These are reasons probably close to my sense of argument that PDM have become a saving grace to the people of Adamawa and Nigeria as whole. The party which modi oprandi are based on her strong tenants of democracy to enshrine the equity distribution of the country's resources without any form of selfishness and sentiment, all over there is no negative reports of primaries irregularity conducted by the only strong opposition party in the country, all the news of PDM is that the party have the most opened and generally accepted primaries to all aspirants.

The governorship flag off campaign recently conducted in Adamawa state where the likes of Dr Bashir Yusuf and all the party stalwarts in the state and others from the national were there to monitor the primaries, all aspirants were there at the great gathering to pledge their unwavering loyalty to the party showing that PDM is a party of light that is ready to illuminate every fear darkness from other oppositions parties, PDM has far stand up and ready for a show down of victory come February 2015.

A public commentator, Hon Joseph Tumba Kwatri said since in the history of defection Nigeria there has not been any party that pull out crowds within a very short time with much indication to perform well in the coming elections,PDM is indeed a party for Nigerias,is the only party that I notice their level of operation is open and transparent, according to him their party is never sleeping to making sure in changing the entire Adamawa state for good with their good master plan of how to beat up PDP in 2015.

All eyes are looking toward how PDP will resolve their internal problems despite the reconciliatory meetings to resolves all pending issues with the aggrieves members while PDM has become a hopeful party to form a transparent government and economical viable system in the state.

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