People Are Affiliated To Success……Faze

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Former Plantashunz Boiz artiste now a solo singer, Faze, has disclosed that he has chosen to work with fellow singer, Patoranking because he has been so humble and has given him (Faze) much respect which is why God has continued to elevate him.

Faze in an interview with dailytimes on his yet to be released song explained that working with the artiste was not his choice but a way of honouring the singer who had witnessed the making of the song even before his name (Patoranking) became popular.

Speaking on his on and off style in the music industry, the singer denied that he was never broke at any point but trying to settle some lingering crisis between him and his marketers.

He stated that Nigerians are of the mentality that when one is not relevant it means he is broke but would choose not to blame anybody as he is ready to welcome those people that have deserted him long ago.

“Yes. A lot of people say that and that's Nigerians for you. People are affiliated to success. When people see that you're doing well, they start calling you, even those who don't even know you. I was on Hip TV for an interview, and when it was aired, I started getting even strange calls from people who didn't bother about me in a long while. But I don't react to them, I just answer them kindly. But everything made me stronger and I now know who my real friends are and I'm going to roll with them and they will enjoy me,” he said.