AGN Lagos Chairman Holds ICT Workshop For Nollywood Actors

By Don Pedro Aganbi
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Amiable chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria Lagos Chapter Don Pedro Aganbi has set agenda for the 2015 calendar year. In a statement, the AGN Lagos Boss said that the year will begin with a 2-day training and working on blogging and information communications technology ICTs awareness for Nollywood actors.

According to Don Pedro Aganbi, who is also a United nations award winner “It is imperative to continue to encourage the development of robust, reliable and affordable ICT awareness among Nollywood actors particularly of the sort that enable both the players and users optimize the benefits of a digital economy”.

Speaking further, he said the objective of the workshop is to empower Nollywood Actors with a digital mindset and also explore opportunities in the information communications technologies landscape. “Indeed, ICTs and blogging has opened the door for significant business to business (B2B) activity in the information communications technology (ICT) industry. It is also slowly but surely actively enabling the growth of the entertainment industry” he posited.