Policy Stability :the over riding ingredient for visible development .

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A study of all countries that moved from third world to first world shows

they all had one thing in common . They maintained the same economic

policy for a period of about 20 to 30 years.
If Jonathan completes his tenure in 2019, I'm rooting for a Namadi Sambo

and Okonjo Iweala ticket. After which Dr. Iweala will become President

with Dr. Adesina as her Vice President.
Now I'm sure some people are nearly having a heart attack. Calm down. Let

me try and explain. Politics can stifle development in developing

countries due to instability caused by frequent power change and flip flop

of policies . It's ironical that un democratic Libya had the highest Human

Development Index in Africa and one of the best in the world.

Most of the people fighting to take over from Jonathan just want to get

their hands into the public till and or establish their names as President

and enjoy the swag of the office.
The projection that Nigeria is set to be amongst the first ten economies

in 2050 can only be achieved if they keep doing what they are doing,

getting better and consolidating. A set of new politicians in power will

first condemn all what the former people have done and then start their

own development program which definitely takes time to manifest.

The lack of cooperation between Obasanjo and Atiku was what led Obasanjo

into attempting a third term. Some of those who pushed for the third term

were key members of Obasanjos economic team. The mistake Obasanjo made was

not having a succession plan by handing over to one of them.

For example, some politicians in Nigeria finally convinced President

Yardua, to severe the umbilical cord binding him to Obasanjo. President

Yardua was never a key member of Obasanjos economic team. A leader should

be able to have a succession plan and groom his successor which wasn't the

case here as Yardua was picked as an after thought when the third term

failed . So what was the first result? The power sector road map was

suspended by the Yardua administration and nothing was done until 2010

when President Jonathan
The PDP has to work harder in order to consolidate and achieve this dream

despite the threat by the opposition.
The opposition should also continue in their bid to take power so they can

keep the ruling party on it's toes . However , they should realize that

the country comes first. Politics should end after each election while

nation building should commence immediately.
A situation where a party loses election and immediately goes into the

trenches to undermine the government in power, is a tactics that stifles

On the other hand, governance should be a continuum and politicians should

try not to tie development programs or projects to themselves.

For example, whosoever wins in Rivers State as governors has to continue

the model secondary schools project and also create a sustainability

strategy for the medical health centres and all schools in the state.

Citizen leadership should also be re-emphasized with stiff penalties and

fines to those who treat public facility with disdain. In Singapore a

little crime like not flushing the public toilet can earn you a fine of up

to a hundred thousand, while littering the road in some US cities can earn

you a 170,000 fine. The truth is that whosoever has no regard for public

facilities will not blink to loot public funds.
If you have to be President first before contributing to your country's

growth and development then you are not fit to be President in the first

( Ken Agala)
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