Wang Yi: China and Sudan Support Each Other Not for Their Own Selfish Interests

By China - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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BEIJING, China, January 14, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- On January 11 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti of Sudan jointly met the press after a talk.

Wang Yi said that China and Sudan are both good friends and sincere friends. Over the past half century, the two countries have always stood together to share weal and woe, and have established profound friendship. We cherish the friendship very much and especially thank for the long-term firm support provided by Sudan on the major issues concerning China's core interests. Similarly, China stands together with Sudan without hesitation on the issues concerning Sudan's legitimate rights and reasonable demands. Our mutual supports are neither for our own selfish interests nor for the sole interests of the two countries, but rather be built on the basis of maintaining international justice, basic principles of international relations and legitimate rights of the developing countries.