My Experience With An Unarmed Robber In A Banking Hall.

Banking hall
Banking hall

My Experience With An Unarmed Robber In A Banking Hall- Came here to share my experience today being 8/1/15.

I have this neighbour who sells foodstuffs. She travelled for new year so she instructed her relation who sells for her to pay in the money(about 130k) she made since monday into her Diamond bank account…

I was in the banking hall- Diamond Bank warehouse branch, Apapa- when she walked in with the money in her bag. When filling her teller, someone asked her if she was paying in and she said yes. She later joined the long queue.

After thirty seconds, a young man dressed in corporate suit (pretending to be a cashier) came close to her and asked for people who are paying above 100k. About five people stepped out and followed him a few meters away.

He collected their money and teller and asked them to wait on the line so he can go in and stamp their teller…..

Like play like play, the man left. They were waiting not knowing that he had left the banking hall with their over 650,000 naira.

It was later that they reported, the bank manager even came down…….he checked the cctv footage and behold, the gentle man in suit was neither a cashier nor a worker in the bank.

Just like that, he stole over 650k. The security guard said it was the third time it was happening in that branch…my fellow nairalanders, BEWARE!!!

Need ya'll contribution and thoughts on this. Pls our Mods should share this story so as to avoid others falling victims. Thanks.