I’m Not An Everyday Artiste—Modenine

Source: Linda Ogudo/Nigeriafilms.com

One of the most respected rappers in Nigeria, Modenine has voiced out on the latest trends in the music industry in the country.

According to him, artistes have to spend millions of Naira to make his song successful. He explained that huge amount of money is used in promoting songs and shooting music videos, noting that, 'for me, I promote my own kind of music with the resources I have.'

He further said, “Today's music is evil so they say, but who made it evil? What I am trying to say is that my kind if rap that people once loved may not be loved now, but it doesn't make me change my music. I will continue to do what I love and what seems right to me and my fans. Let others do 'Shoki' music and make money, I will also make mine in style.”