Rejoinder On Obassanjo’s Bombshell To Jonathan On Wasting 55 Billion Dollars


Nigeria is a country simmering with and boiling in corruption. Nigeria has been unfortunate with leadership since Independence. The foundation was laid in the first republic.

Tafawa Balewa popularly called “Gentleman and “Golden Voice of Africa” ruled Nigeria from October 1, 1960 to Friday 14th January, 1966. “To whom much is given, much is expected”. Much was highly given to this Gentleman to teleguide Nigeria aright. The stakes were high that the largest Africa nation would be the giant it was really reposed with. “If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do”.

The foundation was really destroyed, the very foundation of accountability and articulate governance. Tafawa Balewa who really was not prepared to rule, was not personally recorded to be corrupt, but was sitting atop inimically and veinously corrupt ministers.

Some Ministers were very popular locally and internationally. Nigeria's First Independence Speaker Federal House of Representatives who was given the portfolio of External Affairs Minister, the very Dr. Jaja Anucha Wachukwu was very poplar both in Nigeria and outside, especially in the United Nations. In the local scene, it were people like Nwafor Orizu, the Senate President, Aja Nwachukwu the Minister of Education and Ribadu as Ministers of Defence.

But the issue is not popularity but corruption. By far and extreme far, the most corrupt Nigerian by then was Festus Okotie Ebo, the Urbobo born Nigeria's Minister of Finance. He was corruption made flesh. The property he acquired round the Nation, especially in Lagos was startling. His bank account local and international was mind boggling and awesome.

Ahmadu Bello was deeply involved in planning the Nigerian jihad on Monday 17th January, 1966 using Major Murtala Ramat Mohamed and Kyari as ring headers. P.C.K. Nzegwu who had been planning his coup secretly to overthrow Balewa's corrupt Government, holding meetings in the forests in the West with army personnel drawn from all over the regions of Nigeria, with Nigerian overall populace calling for military intervention as it happened in Ghana, saw a golden opportunity to hold an impromptu coup on Saturday 15th January, 1966 to frustrate Bello's plan of islamization of Nigeria.

Many souls perished including Bellow himself. The only genuine coup in Nigeria was tagged “Igbo Coup”.

Major General JTU Ironsi became Head of State with determinate zeal to do the biddings of Hausa-Fulani with over stretched zeal to pacify them, an indirect way of islamizing Nigeria, while he himself was a Christian. He was doing this to please satan that cannot that cannot be pleased called Sokoto Caliphate. A coup was hatched to remove him and he was killed on 29th July, 1966 by Captain Theophilus Danjuma, Lt. Jeremiah Useni and Captain Martin Adamu by the express order of sultan of Sokoto. One thing funny about the killing of Ironsi was that the trio that finally pulled the trigger and finished him off were Christians: Theophilus Danjuma, Martin Adamu and Jeremiah Useni, with the leader Theophilus Danjuma commanding the action.

Among all the Military regimes, infact, all regimes in Nigeria, it was Aguiyi Ironsi's that was 100% corruption – free, Aguiyi Ironsi was perfect in corruption – freedom.

Corruption in Nigeria started here. Corruption took hold of Nigeria here. Gowon, who really was not in the good book of Sokoto Caliphate for not allowing islamization of Nigeria, was not having any serious plan for Nigeria. Infact, Gowon had no agenda for Nigeria. His glory was that he stopped the war, any other thing was trash.

Gowon had 5-star hotels scattered all over West Africa, African and key cities of the world. Gowon's footmen were superlatively corrupt. Gowon once said “Nigeria's problem is not money, but what to do with money”. Gowon was accosted with stark poverty and illiteracy of the masses, but he did nothing.

In 1972, Indigenization Decree indigeniziged everything to the detriment of Igbos. But in the overall, poverty of Nigerians was excessively high.


Born in Auchi, Edo State, migrated to Kano and naturalized there. He became the arrow head of islamization of Nigeria under Ahmadu Bello in the still born coup of 17th January, 1966. On exactly 29th July 1975, the same day, he arranged the killing of Ironsi, Gowon was overthrown in a palace Coup when he was attending OAU Meeting in Kampala Uganda.

Murtala Mohamed, the jihadist, wanted to do the job he could not do on 17th January, 1966 at the command of the ethnic cleanser called Ahmadu Bello. He claimed he was not corrupt, but what of Professor Ohumbamu of Benin's saga? But corruption was not really the case. He wore the gab of a disciplinarian and corrupt-free official only as a cloak to unleash islamism on Nigerian nation. It was again still born.

On 13th February,1076, Major Bukka Sukka Dimka, a Gowon's stooge, with Gomwalk, Bisalla and other present day middle belters in the army, majorly Christians, planned an over throw of Murtala. It was a bloody coup.

Murtala Mohamed, the mass-murderer of Igbos was murdered by a fellow Northerner. “Evil that men do live after them”. “He who kills by the sword, will perish by the sword”. So, it was to Murtala Mohamed.

Obasanjo took over as the Coup was finally quashed. Obasanjo promised to return Nigeria to democratic rule as promised by Murtala. Obasanjo in this rule was pusillanimous young military Ruler of 38 years (born 1938). He had partaken in Nzeogwu's Coup planning, but sneaked out before execution. When the coup failed, he returned to Nigeria. The Sokoto Caliphate wanted to kill him, but late Sunday Awoniyi, pleaded seriously.

He was spared. He was then, 100% a puppet of Sokoto Caliphate, and as Ironsi, was hellbent on pleasing islamic hegemony. He objected to the rule, but was promised to be bulwarked by Sokoto Caliphate.

To give Obasanjo islamic strong cover, Sokoto Caliphate selected two of their own – Lt Colonel Shehu Yara'Adua promoted to Major General and Major Mhuamadu Buhari promoted Lt. Colonel. These two were the defacto rulers of Nigeria, while Obasanjo was the ceremonial Head of State.

Yar'Adua became Chief of Staff Supreme Headquarters. Buhari was made Petroleum Minister so that the financial base of the Nation would be in perfect control of Hausa-Fulani. Naira was far more than dollar by then.

2.8 billion naira, equivalent to 5.6 billion US dollars got missed in Federal Account. It translates to more than 3 trillion US dollars now. Both Buhari and Obasanjo STOLE the money and varnished it.

Another Tafawa Balewa figure, but was seconded by another Festus Okotie Ebo in the person of Dr. Alex Ekwueme. Ekwueme was the defacto Head of State. All the contracts of Nigeria were almost all handled by him. He became tetrasonic richer and supersonic wealthy. Ekwueme was like Okotie Ebo-corruption made flesh. Umaru Dikko as Transport Minister was the doyen of corruption together with the Oyo born Chairman of the ruling National Party of Nigeria (NPN), Akintoye, “Timber and Caliber” Mbadiwe, was stockfish Merchant that stole Nigeria dry as NPN stalwart.

Corruption in Shagari's regime was the conglomeration of evil. The regime was overthrown on 31st December, 1983. Buhari-Idiagbon regime was draconian and repressive. Corruption was reduced in the public life no doubt, but the man at the helm of affairs, Buhari was silently the most corrupt Nigerian by way of 2.8 billion (5.6 billion) though it was, and has even now, been down-played. Many people were killed repressively in this regime.

To pull out Buhari from the quagmire of corruption as he was touted to be championing the fight against corruption in the public life, a Kangoroo panel was set up called Justice Ayo Irikefe Panel to investigate the “allegation” on the missing 2.8 billion naira.

Does an actor die in the film? Ofcourse, Ayo Irikefe Panel discharged and acquitted Obasanjo, and so, Buhari in the saga of the missing 2.8 billion naira or 5.6 billion dollars. What do you expect before?


Bulwarking on the public outcry against repressive regime of Buhari, IBB as devil's alternative came on board. Corruption was made the state religion. Drug carrying was the business of many. International 419 was the order of the Day. Decree “4-1-9” called Financial Crimes Decree was enacted, hence the acronym 419 in Nigeria's lexicon with indelible situate.

IBB released many of the looters of the treasurer nabbed by Buhari – Idiagbo regime. Alex Ekwueme arranged a contorted court statement alleging that he (EKWUEME) left Government House poorer than he entered. What a contradiction of known facts! What a balderdash!! What a hoodwink!!! Ekwueme built Modotel Hotel Group in almost all the cities of East and South South Nigeria. Yet, he left Government House poorer than he entered into it.

IBB in 1987 tantalized the Nation in his SAP programe. The students led by late Chima Ubani protested around the Nation. IBB took the IMF loan of death despite national outcry against it.

This money was used to smuggle Nigeria into Organization of islamic Corporation (OIC). IBB escaped Orkar Coup by the whiskers and eliminated the remaining Middle belt Christians in the Military as a fallout of the botched Coup. IBB nicknamed himself military President and later handed over batom to Shonekan. IBB siphoned 12.4 billion dollars oil wind fall of 1991 as found guilty by Pius Okigbo Report.

IBB squandered the loan of IMF and other oil monies before 1991 oil wind fall. IBB in all, siphoned more than 127 billion US dollars between 1985 and 1993 he left office. This money translates to many trillion of US dollars now.

I don't want to dwell on Abacha because he is dead. Shonekan was overthrown and Abacha took over.

The money carried by Abdulsam Abubakar in amount within 6 month to 1 year rule was almost the same or even far more than what IBB stole in 8 years. Abdulsalam was corruption defined. This was the worst military regime in the corridors of corruption in Nigeria.

To silence eyebrows in the raping of Nigeria, Abdulsalam Abubaka invited Islamic past Heads of State as well as top islamic leaders across the country, and 100% (perfectly) embossed SHARIA on the Nigeria's Constitution of 1999. Those in attendance included:

(1) Shehu Shagari
(2) Muhammadu Buhari
(3) Ibrahim Babangida
(4) Tunde Idiagbon
(5) sultan of Sokoto
(6) emir of Kano
(7) emir of Fika
(8) emire of Gwanda
(9) emire of Zazzanzzau
(10) elkanemi of Borno
(11) etsu Nupe
Thus, the very foundation for Nigerian jihad as fought by bokoharam was laid by Abdulsalam Abubakar.

If Northerners had taught OBJ of 1979 was Obasanjo of 1999 then they were dead wrong. OBJ came and took charge though he got a big share of the 2.8 billion naira he siphoned in 1978 with Buhari, he was to triple it.

OBJ had to, 100%, control Petroleum Minister for eight (8) years. Nigeria's oil war rising close to 150 naira per barrel. Nigeria was making more than 161 billion dollars a year in oil windfall. If we accused IBB of siphoning close to 150 billion dollars in 8 years, OBJ siphoned more than 161 x 8 = 1,088 billion US dollars in 8 years. That translates to 1.088 trillion US dollars singlehandedly stolen by General Olusegun Obasanojo in his 8 years of second missionary journey.

In 2000, Gani Fawehinmi and Chima Ubani who was CLO's Executive Director, advised Obasanjo to REMOVE sharia as quickly as possible in the Nigeria's Constitution. OBJ said “It is a political shaira and will die a political death soon”.

Sorry for OBJ. Has sharia died natural death? Has bokoharam stopped?

Very forthright and not corrupt as a person but his wife as First Lady was the defacto Head of State and held the knife and yam. She was 100% superlatively a corrupt woman. Turia was to Yar'Adua's regime what Alex Ekwueme was to Shagari's regime and what Festus Okotie Ebo was to Tafawa Balewa's regime.

Yar'Adua could not live quite long.
Goodluck Jonathan is in Power now. He is very corrupt leader and leads very corrupt sycophants as amen members around him. His wife as First Lady, like Turai, is assuming much airs and controls all resources indirectly.

According to Vangard newspapers 6th January, 2015, front page, Obasanjo said that Goodluck Jonathan squandered 55 billion dollars. Well, we have already said that GEJ is very corrupt as a person in governance and led a highly corrupt administration, OBJ was the more corrupt person in his regime.

Of the Heads of State of Nigeria living, according to records available, they are very corrupt, and the descending order of importance of corruption and corrupt enrichment of self is:

  Head of State Money Stolen in trillions of US Dollars
1. Olusegun Obasanjo 2.910
2. Ibrahim Babangida 1.001
3. Muhamadu Buhari 0.949
4. Abdulsalam Abukakar 0.940
5. Goodluck Jonathan 0.58
6. Shehu Shagari -
7. Ernest Shonekan -

Sources: Human Rights Documentations

In terms of corruption, though Buhari is wearing the garb of corruption, he (Buhari) is only beaten to the third position by Obasanjo and Babangida. People donot know the equivalence of 5.6 billion US dollars in 1978 now in 2015. It is more than 3 trillion US dollars. That single dose stealing makes Buhari the richest Nigeria living. Infact, only Obasanjo clearly outwits him in corruption in Nigeria as head of state in both extreme conditions.

Besides, Buhari was the sole signatory to Petroleum Trust Fund of Abacha Administration who used it to both press up his nonsense stance on anti-corruption and to silence him corruption wise. It's a matter of conjecture if IBB is truelly richer than Buhari in terms of stolen public money.

Ayo Irikefe Panel was nonsense and a mere cookup by Buhari that he was acquitted, much the same way Alex Ekwueme's acquittal was a Kangaroo's cookup.

Whereas Goodluck Jonathan is extremely corrupt, Buhari is corruption defined, but wears the garb of sanctity as a delusion of the uninformed public. Buhari's corruption could have been overlooked, had he been democratic. But as a muslim, he is a terrorist and does not and cannot believe in democracy, no matter how.

GOD will forbid Buhari ruling Nigeria, not because he is corrupt, because Goodluck Jonathan is equally corrupt, but only and only because, he is a muslim and GOD will forbid a muslim ruling Nigeria again in Jesus Name. Amen!!!

islam is 100% a cage of conscience, and so, not democratic. Ask any muslim the reason why islam-majority nations floated their own human rights declaration pure and separate from United Nations' Declaration on Human Rights called Geneva Constitution of 1948? The muslims called their own Cairo convention of 1990. Why the parallel conventions of the same human rights if islam is democratic?

Bokoharam is the creation of muslims in Nigeria to make government ungovernable creating the room for only a muslim to rule to attract peace. Terrorism, exists to give rulership only to the muslims to establish muslim union. Once a muslim rules in Nigeria, the situation is calm. The muslim to rule must be the Sunni type to avoid sectarian violence when shiitte (shia) rules in Sunni majority as the problem is Iraq and Syria. islam is lawlessness because Mohamed the founder of islam was the most lawless person ever existed or can ever exist on planet earth.

Between the devil and the deep sea, Jonathan is the deep sea, Buhari is the devil. Buhari is a closed case or a street that is a close. Jonathan is an alternative, while Buhari is not an alternative at all but a closed end of no way.

The better option could have been a Christian Northerner not the corrupt David Mark, but a neutral person. Jonathan has no blue print to develop Nigeria and arrest terrorism. But if there is no credible candidate, Jonathan should be voted for because Buhari is a dead end.

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