The trouble with the Buhari Manifesto!-Thursday with Abimbola Adelakun (1st January 2015).

By Ebisike Ebube George

Dear Bimbo,
I hope this meets you well & Happy New Year!!
Your analytics and pragmatic de-construction of the Buhari (APC) Manifesto is a magnum it puts to rest that their so called clamour for "change" is just nothing but a robust FAD!!

The Centric- Analytics:
1. How come the typographical errors and quasi-ambiguities still persist for a public document which is suppose to be the strategy and detailed pathway mechanism for palpable national development. And one which is will trump the current "Transformation Agenda". This is a document which is also supposed to have after (precisely 125 million seconds) 4 years robustly evolved or undergone an uber upgrade since its 2011 debut? And this is given the litany of personal and party aids, consultants, volunteers et al, at his and the party's disposal. This showcases blatantly how unready the Buhari campaign and leadership train and team is.

2. The glaring lack of inclusion of a broad security tactic to handle the menacing Boko Haram incursion on the Nigeria state and its neighbours couldn't have been oversight!! Rather it is a reflection of his attitude which is a telling that they should know more about the terrorism debacle which has persisted with incalculable loses to the nation. The split personality fundamentalist persona of Buhari is called question yet again...!

3. The 10-12% real GDP growth Buhari professes to get Nigeria to attain whilst in power is only playing along the lines and inferences of the globally renown economist- Jim O'Neil, former CEO of Goldman Sach whose analysis expresses the potential to which our remarkable economy could gain traction with the institutionalisation of ubiquitous and consistent power supply amongst other empirical inputs. Of course his manifesto's action plan which is underdetailed, also underscore the inability of his team of economic intelligentsia to design thinking the chaotic system into an optimisable ecosystem of national profitability. Simply put why did they not just scale-up their so-called successful "Lagos Economic Model" for application on the national equation which is begging for a valid economic result oriented proof of concept and action!!

4. The 2019 Sustainable/Renewable Energy investment promissory is abracadabrascience!! If not the NIGERIA Eco-Racing Team 2015 competing at the World Solar Challenge in Australia should have gotten a call from them by now to pitch our project and its diverse applications to the Buhari economic team. Our renewable story is on page 29 of yesterday's PUNCH Newspaper of 1st of January 2015 written by the pundit Greg Odogwu! And its back page is the stage upon which you give scathing assessment and critique of their work manual. This manifesto is further ripped to shreds by your precision laden investigation and inked reports!!

5. The so portrayed conservative image of Buhari is in disconnect with one whom you rightly mentioned...... seems to assume that whilst in power he will have access to an unlimited supply of finances which you accentuated and is not shy to spend?!!! This is a grim paradox and any deduction from this is a forensic pointer that he is likely a comedy neophyte and presdigitator!!

6. Furthermore, the Buhari goof on setting up an insurance scheme for journalists is a showcase of their clear miss match of priorities!!

7. On the issue of incessant use of "I" in his manifesto descriptive, well that is a lucid telltale of his years of consciously uneroded and putrid military mentality. This still persists and will surely be detrimental to Nigeria's craving for practical forward thinking, globalised technological, socio-economic and innovative pursuits/policy that will guarantee our collective national advancement.

8. And of course all the above is vivid enough for all to comprehend why the people to be served are excluded in his workbook. Which only emphasis that such manifestoral talk of a N5000 Social Welfare Programme is a huge farce!!!

Please permit me to retreat!!!
Thank you for sharing a silos of analytical and forensic truths with us all as we sift through the debri of deliberate falsehood strategically cushioned in the media, openly democratic and economic space.

Thank you.
Grand Regards,
Ebisike Ebube George
Creative Director--Team NIGERIA @ competing at the World Solar Challenge, holding in Adelaide, Australia in Oct. 2015.

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