If I Were Running These Campaigns

Source: thewillnigeria.com

If I were running GMB's or GEJ's campaigns here are the things I would be doing:

1. GMB's campaign
(a) Keep 60% of GMB's resources in SS and SE and GMB travelling to all LGA's and asking for their votes and explaining how different my administration would be from the present.

(b) Seize the radio, TV, and all mass media tools for more communications;

(c) Send Tinubu, Osibanjo and my Yoruba allies north. Osibanjo in particular to assure the northerners that he is not a Christian zealot.

(d) Keep Fashola in Lagos and all the governors in their states to spread the “word” according to me.

(e) Challenge Jonathan to a series of debates to demonstrate that we are equals and to make people see and compare my agenda with his.

(f) Explain further the reason why I Have not presented my student records and why I am qualified.

(g) I will keep Amaechi in Rivers state and Baylesia and schedule meetings with the leaders of MENDS and assure them that I would be fairer than Jonathan

(h) I will hold many press conferences and assure Nigerians that I will have nothing to do with Sharia laws and would ensure that they would not be binding on Christians.

(i) I will have at least four meetings with Igbo leaders to assure them that the Igbo is welcome to all parts of Nigeria and have noting to fear from a GMB administration.

(j) I will advertise my APC candidates running for House and Senate in SE and SS and pour money into several candidates' campaign to ensure that if we capture the House or Senate we would have people from the zones to head important committees.

(k) I will spend the 15% of my resources in NC where I will address the bad blood between the “natives” and cattle men who graze the fields.

(l) I will call world press conferences to assure the West that I would be a fair leader and recognize their debts and other obligations of which Nigeria has signed up for. That corruption would be tops in my agenda.

(m) In SE & SS I will boldly address the impact of the war and apologize for the non rehabilitation of war devastation of almost 50 years ago. Also for the lives lost in the north during the riots and address other SS & SE concerns.

(n) In the closing week I will swing across NW & NE assuring my people that peace is of utmost importance and that I would not tolerate insurgency during my administration

2. GEJ's Campaign:
(a). I will devote 40% of my resources to SW and NC with emphasis on Lagos where there are 10 million voters. The goal here would be to ensure that if GMB wins here his margin would be very narrow and because there is a huge percentage of Christian, SS, and SE voters. I would arrange for a meeting with CAN leadership to show my affinity with them.

(b). I will bring back all the senior PDP leadership down to SW and NC and buy up all available radio, TV and mass media spots in both zones and hold events that would open up all news hours with PDP events.

(c) I will emphasize all FG projects in the zones and would make sure that everybody knows that they can go to Abuja by train, a project that defied Buhari and all other post war leaders of Nigeria.

(d) I will visit NC states every week of the campaign to show empathy with their feeling of being an appendage to past leaders and resurrect the memories of Tarka and others.

(e) I will draw attention to the supply of food that feeds the nation in the zone and how this would receive strong FG's administration under GEJ. I will bring down David Mark and Sambo to camp down here for the rest of the campaign, with Sambo making frequent trips to NW and NE

(f) I will spend 20% of my resources in NW with emphasis on Kano which has strong SE and SS presence trying to make sure that they vote as these votes are likely to be candidate's. I will hold meetings with Islamic leaders, Igbo leaders and other ethnic groups. The idea is to divide and conquer. I will emphasize my Accomplishments in the zone.

(g) I will make hurried trips to NE to make them feel like they belong but would not spend much capital here as this is GMB's kitchen and there will not be many votes to harvest.

I will call several world press conferences to assure the world that a new GEJ's administration would be different from the past.

(h) I will open each day with a press conference that would highlight PDP as if PDP is the only campaign in town. I will use my incumbency to showcase improvements during my administration and compare them with GMB's administration.

(i) I will never let people forget that GMB is not a new kid on the block and cannot promise to do better. My cronies would keep on hacking on the evils of military leadership and Nigerians would not forget the expression “once a soldier always a soldier.” That a true civilian is needed to guard our new democracy.

(j) I will have PDP go to court to challenge GMB's non presentation of education requirements. And to seek to disqualify him on technical grounds. I will seek a friendly judge who would grant temporary injunction. The purpose of this is to make GMB spend critical time facing off challenges instead of campaigning and to distract him and to prepare grounds for his rejection if he wins.

(k) I will spend 20% of my resources in SE and SS on get out the votes and to make sure that all PDP candidates win. My cronies would be every where in every LGA legally to make sure that APC's presence and message is not heard and to baby sit the local leaders.

(l) Given the proximity of towns and villages I will visit all LGA and hold something like a 30 minute rally which my foot soldiers would make sure are well attended

(m) I will, at ever turn, and in every press conference, announce what I am doing to ensure a free and fair election. And compare them to past elections to show that I am a different kind of president, civilian and/or military.

(n) I will address the security problem in the country in a national broadcast and would invite GMB for a rebuttal to show who has an agenda and who has none or a better agenda. I will do the same for corruption.

(o) I will challenge GMB to a debate or two to show how prepared I am on national matters. I will do this if only I am confident of my candidate's ability to defeat GMB in such a one-on-one face off.

Does anyone know a candidate who is looking for a campaign manager? I am ready and able. I have no party loyalty but I play to win.

Written by Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba.

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