RE: The time for change is now

By John Okiyi Kalu

Yes, the time for change in Abia is Now. Change from political domination of one section of Abia using all manner of subterfuge. As a good student of Abia affairs, you will agree that the major issue in Abia since 2003 has been the clamor for power rotation/shift from old Bende division to Aba Division of the Abia union. Surely you will recall the "otu onu" movement led by then Deputy governor Abaribe that demanded that OUK (old Bende) respect his public pledge to do only one term and hand over to an Ngwa man. The cry for social justice and equity intensified in 2007 and yet Ochendo Global (Umuahia) emerged from same old Bende division, albeit Abia central senatorial district. It was this feeling of being left out that we later saw, in 2009/10, manifest as precursor to the criminal brigandage and kidnap saga that decimated Aba and left it prostrate. Thankfully, Ochendo did the needful and returned Abia to full security, up to today that even his critics have agreed that Abia is surely one of the safest states in Nigeria.

Personally, I remember that some of those you now conveniently rally round as change agents never raised a hand or voice to help Aba and Abians. They all fled and returned to their businesses and continued to acquire wealth to charter helicopters and drive phantom limos. Non of them paid the N20m ransom for the kidnapped 15 Abia children in September 2010. Even after Aba was pacified, these neo-saviors forgot to do for Aba what ACB did for post civil war Ndigbo-grant soft loans to aid traders go back to business. And UNTIL THEY LOST OUT IN PDP they never raised a voice to criticize the incumbent but were better known as friends and allies of the incumbent. For Christ sake these guys were all at Umuahia begging the incumbent to adopt and support them as his 'stooge'. It is not only public record but videos and photos exist as proof. Permit me to ask: if the incumbent had taken money from them or for any reason agreed to their fervent requests and decided to support them will you still be casting them as change agents? It is simply my position that we shouldn't bother with who has whose support given that they all coveted same support but one of them got it largely because of the incumbent's decision to back PDP's zoning arrangement that favors Abia South senatorial zone. We should even celebrate the fact that the man who is favored by the incumbent and PDP stakeholders in Abia State is ordinarily the most qualified of the lot in terms of experience, education and character.

My dear Ndukwe, fact is that all the then PDP candidates sought the incumbent's endorsement and support. If in doubt, provide us with a copy of what your "okuku krismas" candidate ever said against the incumbent before September 2014 and I will show you many evidence of him and the incumbent working together. He publicly acknowledged the strides made by the incumbent in security, education and youth empowerment at his first public declaration at Aba in September 2014.I have videos. Nobody should fool Abians again because we have more serious issues to confront. And at the top of those issues is the need for EQUITY in power distribution. We need an Abia South senatorial zone born Governor so as to fully close the chapter on the clamor for power rotation in Abia. No meaningful progress is achieved where there is prevailing socio-political injustice and we don't want to return to old era of divided Abia. An Arochukwu-Ohafia governorship in Abia State is unconscionable, to say the least, and shows that some are not properly appraised of the underlying issues dragging the state down. I went through primary, secondary and university education as an indigene of Arochukwu/Ohafia LGA. I believe same is true for the 'oke okpa krismas' candidate. Forget the moonlight tales and see the travesty proposed to be unleashed on Abia. It will fail.

For those of us who have made Aba the issue in Abia 2015, you now have an opportunity to support an Aba-born, resident and bred candidate in DR OKEZIE VICTOR CHIBUIKE IKPEAZU. His stake in the well being of Aba and Abia is not in doubt. He knows the issues, lives with our people, has all his immediate family members there and have no place to flee to if (God forbid) Aba goes south again. I make bold to state that if Okezie cannot develop and grow Aba/Abia then we should start planning Ohafia as second commercial town in Abia. As you are all aware, he is well educated to the highest possible level and have vast experience in the public and private sector of the economy. Okezie is therefore ready to serve from day one.

Most importantly, at least to me, he is a humble God-fearing man and not a money bag. He is a man you can approach with ideas and he will listen. More of a common governor for the common Abian. Not elitist at all.

Do you really know the man you are touting as our neo-savior??? Or just another victim of political propaganda?

Ndukwe my brother, I John Okiyi Kalu know Dr Okezie Ikpeazu and hereby endorse him and make a solemn statement to you and all Abians that the man is good and will surely take us to the next level, all round. I am not afraid to ask you to hold me responsible if he fails because I have seen enough to know that the man will not fail us. He represents the REAL CHANGE we want. He also represents the turning point in Abia politics, for better.

Join me and others to ensure Dr Okezie emerges and is not torpedoed by moneybags who are throwing cash around, buying up available mainstream and online social media time. Together we can ensure EQUITY and SOCIO-POLITICAL JUSTICE in Abia.

Happy New Year my brother. Enjoy attached music for your relaxation.

John Okiyi Kalu
+234 8033008046

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