Pastor Okafor's Prophesies are Manifesting as Ex beauty Queen, Esther Kanu Slumps And Die

Source: Linda Ogudo/

At every new year, some men of God tell the nation what God has in stock for the year. Some of these prophecies and predictions are anticipated by many Nigerians.

One of such prophets in Nigeria that is held in high esteem is Chris Okafor of the Liberation City in Lagos. The man of God, fondly called the 'oracle of God' for the power in his prophecies, has revealed what the year holds for different sectors of the Nigerian society, including the showbiz.

In his prophecies for year 2015 obtained by, “There will be more (human) casualties in the entertainment industry this year if proper measure is not taken.”

Prophet Okafor said God took him across the entertainment industry and saw that those in showbiz have involved themselves in many evil deeds, which God is not happy about.

Could it be that the prophesies are beginning to manifest so sudden as the showbiz industry has just lost one of its own beauty queen,Esther Kanu.

Death we know is inevitable and that we will all die someday. it is so sad as Nigerian model and beauty pageant winner, Ether Kanu has kicked the bucket on Wednesday Jan. 7 2015.

According to reports circulating the blogosphere,she suddenly slumped and was rushed to the hospital where she was confirmed dead.

The Director of Queen of Aso Nigeria beauty pageant, Desmond Agboola also confirmed the sad news.

Esther won the Queen of Aso beauty pageant in 2012,also in 2013, she contested for the most beautiful girl in Nigeria pageant, representing Abia state.

Before she passed on, she posted on her social media Page wishing her friends the best Christmas ever.
Rest in peace.