2015 Campaign: A Spiteful Campaign Or An Issue Based Campaign

By Eneruvie Enakoko

The campaign for the 2015 general election in Nigeria has mostly been divisive, spiteful and devoid of substance, and I can understand that, because when candidates do not have a viable and solid record to run on, they paint their opponents bad and result to denigration of their person and character; but the campaigns must now be redefined and focused on such essential issues as security and welfare, jobs, education, healthcare and vital infrastructure like roads, transportation system, potable water supply and power supply necessary for the seamless running of a country.

Nigeria is at a critical crossroad now, and the nation must get its acts right and fix the real sectors of the economy (electricity, education, healthcare, security and welfare, and infrastructure) if it is to move ahead. These are the crucial issues that should decide this campaign and election, and not whether someone is a Muslim or a Christian, a northerner or a southerner; for war, terrorism, insecurity, poverty and disease knows no religious or ethnic barrier…More @ http://goo.gl/KG6BGS


On Sunday, January 4, 2015; Dr. Tunde Bakare chose his usual “Moment of Truth” weekly Sunday Programme to crystallize his political position and what he called a warning to the nation. He said in substance that while his loyalty as always is to General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd) he cannot pretend to be unaware of the political rigmarole and gimmick that went into play in the choice of Buhari's running mate, Professor Yemi Osinbajo by the All Progressive Congress (APC).

He was however taken off air unceremoniously by Channels Television at the height of his speech and the critical question: Is Channels Television now owned by the Federal Government, or is the Station now in the Payroll of the Jonathan Administration, that they are now being used to stifle basic freedoms of expression and assembly…More @ http://goo.gl/mHWio8

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