Born Again Tuesday Report Card: A 2015 Rebirth

His Excellency My Governor,
Welcome to 2015 with us, I am happy that we all survived the 2014 and now into a glorious 2015,we have a very high expectation of success ,ma ndi oso chiegbu kwe ka I ruo olu without tainted interest that they will use as cover to stampede the general interest of the state, especially those that will bring you phantom projects and MOU without intent to execute.

I kept my words that Tuesday Report card must be buried in 2014, thank goodness that I did not broke that promise ,for my words are my bond ,but now that we are in 2015 ,a new year and a new Dawn ,I am happy, I am sure you are happy that we are back to help you get the best out of the system and give you a better focus as we re-introduce our BORN AGAIN REPORT CARD 2015 .

I will remind us about what my father said “oyim akam agwa gi bu ajo oyi ,mana oyim agwaram gi agwa bu ezigbo mmadu”.

First I will like to thank you for the many Men and women in diverse Uniforms that controlled traffic even in urban towns, despite their presence ,there was still serious gridlock in most towns in ANAMBRA CENTRAL ,but a thumb up for that feat.

Sir,I am sure you did not know that the Taxi you launched for easy transportation in our state is going through the pipe line and which we know that it may not serve the purpose it was bought and launched for as long as it is in the pipeline.

Take for instance ,all the Taxis were ceded to serving commissioners who took them off the Government and sub-lease to others ,I heard that some got up to 5 and few 4 , the question is, what are they doing with 4 Taxis , what will a serving commissioner do with Taxi ? . Many packed theirs in there houses or country houses ,waiting to change the colors back to private ,which is not the reason the TAXIS where bought in the first place,obudu onye kwue eziokwu anara ya I PAD ya ?.

The Taxis are suppose to be giving directly to Drivers who will be direct beneficiaries, they will be paying the state the mortgage as agreed ,that way the dividend will be spread to the lower class ,but giving the Taxis to already made Commissioners does not make any sense in the long run.

Sir ,on the 2nd of JANUARY 2015 around 9.20 AM ,series of BRAND NEW PRADO JEEPS were driving in convoy into Governor,s lodge AMAOBIA ,I simply wants to appeal that such expenditure at the very beginning of the year does,nt present a better picture. What we need now is not EXECUTIVE LEISURE, but masses benefit oriented. i know we have enough that is serving the Governor and his household ,so where can we locate this ones ?

Sir,At Upper Iweka ,coming from ASABA entering Onuicha –Owerri road ,you will see that pile or say mounting of trash were rested at that junction and the pile is as big as MANGO tree,the stench is something else, contrast it with the Christmas decorations that cost the state 685 MILLION NAIRA ONLY ,then you will agree with me that the contrast is an eye sore ,because it reduced the beautification to itube nshi ugo [putting an ornament to farces ] .

Move down from that junction for few minutes and by your right hand side again ,you will see another mound that were heaped on permanent condition ,do not forget that Christmas light were used to adorn the other side of the road.

Moving down toward OWERRI road by the right side of it ,you will see over 6 hectres of land that were turned to Dumping site .

Sir there is no time of the day that HOLD UP are not dragged along that eye sore ,because the Trash has pilled up so high and block half of the road. The problem is not only the congested nuisance but the health hazard of the pile up and recently they started burning up some portion of the Trash ,imagine the black smoke that goes up the air ,distributed all over the state and as it travels it goes with VIRUS .

Sir, my quandary is, what the HECK is ASWAMA doing ? if they cannot clean up the state ,why not kick them out ,also what are those UNIFORMED OCHA BRIGADE doing for the state as well ?

Sir ,ima na those hired e rats cannot tell you the truth and all this SSA and SA with and without offices ,with and without closing Portfolios ,none of them can tell you the hard truth but innocent citizens like me will try and tell you the truth ,so that you can make the state better for us and our children .

Sir ,there are so many places in the state where your Ministry of Works Hung BILL BOARDS taller than AGULU LAKE RESORT all screaming WILLIE IS WORKING but look around the said sign board there is no work going on but,I am not talking about that here and now ,I am talking about most of the projects started by SIR ,CHIEF PETER OBI ,completed by same Peter Obi but your Ministry of works and Signpost will make a SIGN BOARD giving the credit to you ,some they painted same way they wired UPPER IWEKA with Christmas light and screamed that you have turned the place to LAS VEGAS, but they did not scream that it was another person that did the construction without sign board, but I digress .

My report is that they should try and let people know that your Government are not fraudulent but even if they choose to do more on sign board work than in actual work ,they should give credit to those that made it happen ,that way those that knew the history of the Job will not call your government fraud.

Imagine AGULU LAKE RESORT AND BRIDGE they gave you the credit ,when it was done 100% by your predecessor and I remember that during campaign when we went there to show you to Ndi Agulu and ask for their vote ,that was the day Obi flagged off the 2 bridges and which was completed before the handover ,the Hotel itself were almost at the present position before the handover ,so how can they they say “ it is promise KEPT ?” which kind of promise are they referring to in that respect ?

Sir ,if you ask me I will advise that any other person that bring somebody or group and ask you to sign MOU ,just tear the person a hot slap .If you ask them to bring you the MOU,S signed so far ,it must be more than 200 and not even one has been started talkless of executed. They cannot reduce your Government to Government of MOU ,oma nrelu fa.

His Excellency ,biko ejim chukwu rio gi ,if the rumor on the amount we will spend on the Airport is true ,please kindly reject the temptation ,We should consider what it cost others to build their own and we should also consider that there is down economy as we speak ,so we need to cut our COAT according to the available cloth and not our size. We need an Airpot but we cannot starve more propelling sectors ,the ones that help the society and move into a project that will only benefit the elites at the expense of the middle and lower class which are more in number.

You did wonderful well ,there was no incident of robbery or kidnapping during this festive period ,it is a good one .

Sir ,kindly look into the Town festivals such as NENI and OBELEDU ,they suppose to have a center inside town where they should be holding their New year nmanwu festivals ,not on the First and second day of every new year they will block STATE ROAD and make it hell for passer by drivers and commuters ,on any of those days you happened to pass through that towns ,then your day is ruined ,it is always so ugly , the gridlock hold up that they created makes them look like they owned the state .

How can they close such access roads when we have Government that are suppose to protect the interest of the masses and not minding the money bags in any of the towns ?.

Sir ,Neni and Obeledu as a case point should move their festivals to a certain venue and not at the middle of the road for the whole day,it does,nt speak well for the Government.

Sir, Kindly also ask about the HORSES giving to the Police ,see if they have fed them well ,make stable for them and put them into use as for what they were bought for or they have been abandoned .

Once again ,Happy New year and more wisdom to understand your friends and chase away the fraudulent ones.

Yours in the service,
Mazi Odera
Truth is our standard,accept it in good faith or
we shove it down your throat.The Choice is yours.
I am off but on

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