By Lere Olayinka

My dear people of Ekiti State, we have come to the end of another year and the beginning of new one. This year 2015 by the special grace of God will be a glorious and rewarding year for all of us and our dear State. I therefore wish you and your families a happy, fulfilled and prosperous New Year.

Let me express the deep gratitude of the government and people of the State to the Almighty God, for His faithfulness and for His will so far accomplished in our great State.

As we commence this great year, I reflect on events leading to my victory in June 21st, 2014 election when the mandate of heaven fell on me to govern this dear state for the second time. I must say without mincing words that God used you tremendously to change history in our dear State and the Country at large. Through your resolute determination, I became the first man to rule in Ekiti State twice and the first politician in the history of Nigeria to defeat an incumbent Governor twice. I salute your courage and solemnly promise that I will work with all my strength and by the grace of God to better your lots, give your children the best of education, job and other good things of life.

Let me reiterate that the challenges confronting this administration are enormous, most especially the parlous position of our State Finances. We are not rattled by them as we have the capacity and determination to surmount them all. We shall do it through the help of God and cooperation of the people. Like I tell God every morning, if it is because of me alone, the economy of the world must improve to favour our dear State.

Essentially, this administration, being welfarist in concept, is a 'Government of Restoration'. It will continue with its people-oriented programmes and policies aimed at the well-being of the people. The vision beginning from this year is to replace poverty and want with plenty and prosperity. I'm committed to the new lexicon that has found its way into the political terrain – 'STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE'. Stomach Infrastructure is about the welfare of our people and that takes priority in the Cardinal programmes of my Government.

I must commend our people for their beautiful sense of pride and love for this State. From all indications, I make bold to state that definite and sustainable foundations for the political and socio-economic upliftment of our State will be laid this year. This period, therefore, calls for understanding, concerted efforts and patriotism as our unity lies in our strength.

Nevertheless, we have been vigorously pursuing our electoral promises and meeting them with performance based on meager available resources while we have been partnering with spirited patriots and private organizations to ensure that some projects are on-going while others in the pipeline will be brought to the fore, with time.

It is worthy of note that this New Year marks a period when we are in the process of revalidating the electoral mandate of our leaders, who have done well and electing others who are worthy of public trust. I therefore implore you, my brothers and sisters, not to allow electioneering to follow the path of rancor nor lead you to the cesspool of acrimony. We need peace to enjoy the dividends of democracy in our dear State.

As an Administration, we are resolutely committed to changing the fortunes of our people and set the State on the path of growth and greatness. Accordingly, the policies of this administration will create wealth for our people and increase the fortunes of the government as well. I have directed that local contractors must take large chunks of our projects with a view to providing sound footing for our people to have viable means of livelihood.

I thank the teaming supporters and well-wishers of this government who have been our source of encouragement and strength. I am also grateful to all who have offered useful suggestion through constructive dialogue. I call on cynics to accept and identify with the reality of the positive march to progress and prosperity in Ekiti State. Let us join hands to seek further ways to banish poverty from our dear State.

As your Governor, I will not relent in leading the government and people of our dear State to the throne of grace in the time of challenges. We shall continue to seek God in all our endeavours, confident that God is on our side; our increasing prayer shall usher in peace, prosperity and blessings in the News Year.

I thank you for listening and once again wish you a happy, prosperous and fulfilling New Year.

Lere Olayinka