Mark to Nigerians @ EID-MOULUD: Our destiny in our hands


——-2015 a turning point in our political history
President of the Senate, Senator David Mark has sent a message of felicitation to Muslims and all Nigerians alike as they joined the rest of the World to Mark this year's EID-Moulud.

He said:”We should reflect and indeed imbibe the true teachings of Prophet Mohammed . Those attributes of love, selfless services, sacrifice and care especially for the less privileged should of a necessity be our guide today.”

Senator Mark in the message, called for sustained prayers, honesty and unwavering commitment to the ideals of nationhood on the part of all to help the country out of the myriads of challenges especially insecurity.

He implored religious leaders across the divide to always preach love, peace and unity and consciously harp on those things that largely bring us together as one people with a common destiny and heritage.

He noted that the Almighty creator in His infinite mercies blessed Nigeria with abundant human and natural resources that should be tapped and harnessed for the benefit of all.

Senate President assured that in spite of anxieties being expressed in some quarters about the conduct of 2015 polls, the exercise would mark a positive turning point in the nation's political life.

Government he assured has put enough safe guard measures including improved security network to ensure a hitch-free polls.

He premised his confidence against the backdrop that Nigerians are now more enlightened , wiser and conscious of their rights and privileges which they would not allow to be manipulated by desperate public office seekers.

” Nigerians now know that our destiny is in our hands . Citizens now know the value of their votes. They can no longer be tele-guided. They would vote according to their choices and the votes will count”, Senator Mark stressed.

He was however quick to add that nothing should be taken for granted just as he enjoined all citizens to accept security as a patriotic duty of all in order to chase away bad elements among us .

Senator Mark cautioned against mudslinging and politics of bitterness because the political space has been widened enough in terms of the number of political parties for any body to pursue his or her ambition.

Paul Mumeh, Chief Press Secretary to the President of the Senate.

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