12 Vital Things That Will Make Nigeria Great In 2015........Joseph Benjamin

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Nollywood actor and event compere, Joseph Benjamin, has outlined important some major things which he feels will help energise the growth of the country.

In his words, "In the next 12 months of 2015, these are 12 vital things that will make Nigeria great...know them by heart..

1. Free School Meals for all public primary schools

2. After NYSC, Get Paid as You Learn Business and Work Skills

3. “Just Farm, Govt. Buys” Guaranteed Prices for Food Crops

4. 4 million New Home Owners wanted by 2019

5. Pay N500, You & Family gets all-year Healthcare

6. 25 million of Poorest & Disabled get N5,000 per month if they enroll children in school and immunise them

7. Nationwide Technology/Industrial/Outsourcing parks with free Internet and uninterrupted electricity for small/medium businesses and young business people.

8. Decentralise power generation to local governments to ensure that power is uninterrupted on 24/7 basis by 2019

9. Infrastructural Development by 2019- 1) 5,000km of Superhighway, 2) 6,800km of modern railway; 3) commercial airports in all 36 states.

10. In 1st year, employ 740,000 (20,000 per state + FCT) young school leavers in intervention empowerment scheme

11. Security -1) Serious crime squad with best training and equipment will combat terrorism and kidnapping in their turf. 2) Improve morale of our troops

12. Corruption- 1)Public will know details of all contracts before award; 2) Any official with unexplainable wealth must prove innocence in court.