Kunle Afoloyan, Fans Fight Dirty On Instagram Over The Star's Smoking Picture

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/Nigeriafilms.com

When it comes to movie production, Kunle Afolayan is known for professionalism, class and creativity. The legendary movie maker and the award winning producer, got more than what he bargained for few hours ago.

The multi-talented movie guru flaunted a picture where he was proudly smoking Shisha on his Instagram page. He posted the image without caption, simply letting the picture speak for itself.
Interestingly, that post didn't go down well with some of his fans and followers who argued that as a Legend and Role model, he shouldn't be caught flaunting any act of indecency on social media.

" Haba ! No bross this shouldn't be you bah. You fall my hands. I expect you to know the danger of what you are taking", a concerned fan wrote.

In a quick reply, the movie director fired back at him.

"You hand never all. Danger nikan ni. I don't need a preacher on his page. Preach your morals to your children if you have any or take it to church, mosque of shrine. Best bet, delete yourself."
As the blasts from angered and disappointed followers kept hitting at the veteran. He was pushed to write another reply to all his critics.

"I am not a celebrity neither do I see myself as anybody's role model. I am a professional and human as well. I do what I want to do when I want to do it. Social media is not for kids but adult. Neither is it a church or mosque. My page is my page and I am entitled to display any picture of my choice. For those running their mouth because they claimed to be a fan and buy my film, you are not buying because it's kunle but because you derive value. Don't say because they named today Boxing Day and decide to show your skills. Moreso, maybe some people needs to be enlightened. It is shisha and they come in different flavor like apple etc . If nah cigarettes Or weed nko , you for kuku abuse my mama! Hypocrisy is a decease. For those who love me and my work genuinely, I say I love you too. Let's be civil," he fussed.