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Nigerian Celebs Speak On Plans For Christmas & Fears For 2015

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Nigeria's singer, Waje, has disclosed that she is more mature now than ever before when she was going through challenges that almost prompted her quitting music.

Waje revealed that in year 2013, she was in the dark and in a toxic relationship at the same time; she was going through health challenges, which she was able to survive through the help of God.

She thanked God for enabling her get a new apartment and for the academic success of her daughter adding that she no longer gets angry again unlike before when she could not prove her worth.

According to her, “Good morning sweets. I'm grateful for so much. At the end of 2013 I was in a very dark place, toxic relationship,wanted to quit music and was worried about my weight, health issues and actually believed everyone around me was balling except me lol, but This year!!! I've grown a very thick skin, so things that will usually hurt are now refreshment when my friends and I are gisting lol (bad belle is allowed), my daughter graduated, moved into a bigger house with everything I want in it, I invested more in business and God gave me more, can afford to take care of my parents, I no longer give excuses for my failures, I just get up and ask the Holy Spirit to help, discernment is my best friend and even when it's far from me I retrace my steps. I'm more mature, not quick to anger like I was in the past and my year is ending in the most beautiful way,My whole family is here with me. I ve you guys. There's so much to be thankful for. 2015 will be a better year, I know this cos I know my father, he loves me enough to ensure that my testimonies never end. What's your testimony? Let's rejoice with u #merry christmas #spread love #leave hate.”

Gbenga Adeyinka (Comedian)

Celebrating Christmas: I will be anchoring an event on Christmas day. 2014 was a great year for me but that is personal. Nigeria could have been better run and I hope that people in power will understand that things are not well with Nigeria and work harder to make it a great place for majority to live and not minority as the case is now. I wish all Nigerians a great 2015 of change.

Expectations in 2015: I want to get better at my art and do more for my immediate environment.

Chioma Toplis (Actress)

Celebrating Christmas: I will be celebrating Christmas in Nigeria. But for now, I don't know how am going to celebrate it. Maybe indoors because I'm not in good frame of mind at at moment. 2014 has been wonderful if not for anything life. There has been so many ups and downs but am very grateful to God for bringing me this far. And I know that the good Lord will perfect what he has started in my life and that of my husband, children, friends and relatives in general

Expectations in 2015: My dear everyone definitely will want good things so also is me but its all in God's hand.

Okey Uzoechi (Actor)

Celebrating Christmas: Chilling with the family. Keeping it simple this year. Planing something little for my staff.

Expectations in 2015: 2014 was an amazing year! So I just hope and pray 4 a wonderful year, and a peaceful election in 2015.

Accapela (Comedian)

Celebrating Christmas: I will be spending the Christmas this year in Ghana, as it has become a routine that we help others celebrate their festive seasons! This year is no different as I will be performing at some churches on the morning of 25th and later leave for Ghana that same day to perform to a mixed African audience!

Expectations in 2015: 2014 for me is a very unstable year for our nation Nigeria!! It's been the blackest of them all..where we have lost so many brothers and sisters to the bombings in the north, loosing our daughters in the chibok adoption and the list is endless! It has however been the best year for me career wise and we hope 2015 gets better. It's going to be the election year and it's time when Nigerians would decide who we deem fit to lead us! We condemn any form or violence during the election period!! We should dread carefully wen we choose our paths this coming year and may GOD help us in His infinite mercy AMEN

Koffi (Comedian)

Celebrating Christmas: I'll be spending my Christmas at home, don't have any where to go for now.

Expectations in 2015: 2014 has been good all thanks to God, we all survived. We all look forward to a better year.

Portia Yamahan (Actress)

Celebrating Christmas: Since am fully based in the States I will be spending/celebrating here with my family. 2014 has been a beautiful and fulfilling year as I got married and birth my beautiful sunshine. How do I rate an awesome year like this? My dear God has truly being amazing to me and I'm grateful for all.

Expectations in 2015: I look forward to more surprises from Jehovah.

Tope Tedela (Actor)

Celebrating Christmas: As for now, I must be honest with you, I don't know how I will spend my Chritsmas yet. But whatever be the case, I just want to rest and put things in perspective before the new year begins.

Definitely, it is going to be Lagos. I want to spend the holiday season with family and loved ones. I am still single, so my family comes first.

Expectation for 2015: More favours from God. Good health for all of us.

Lepa Shandy (Actress)

Celebrating Christmas: There is no other way to celebrate xmas in this part of d world am in except to be with d family and have a special feast at home. And that's exactly what am doing.
My take on 2014 is just to bless for Lord for a successful year. Though its been another tough year but thank God for sparing our lives.

Expectations for 2015: I hope a change of power will rectify things in the coming year.

Mr. Moe Musa (Music Video Director)

Celebrating Christmas: I'll be celebrating Christmas with close friends and family. Nothing much to do. Just stay in doors and have fun.

Expectations for 2015: I pray it turns out a great year for us all. I hope for a brighter tomorrow, more projects, more success.

African China (Musician)

Celebrating Christmas: I'm supposed to be with my family but because my kind of job,i can't right now am moving from one state to another. But I'll make sure I have loads of fun in the process.

Expectation for 2015: Good live and better year.

Osita Iheme (Actor)

Celebrating Christmas: I'll be celebrating the feast of Christmas with my family and loved ones. Its going to be a private affair and private discussion.

Expectation for 2015: Good governance, good health and above all, the gift of life.

JJC (Musician)

Celebrating Christmas: I'll be home with my cousin; Mr. Moe Musa. We will be celebrating together. He is my only family here in Nigeria. If he wasn't here for me, it would have been my worse Christmas ever.

Expectation for 2015: Its going to be another election year. So unpredictable. If I had my way, I'd have traveled until the election drama is over. I hope and pray that Nigeria would experience a peaceful 2015 and a better change of governance.

Destiny Amaka

Celebrating Christmas: I'll be spending Christmas at the Cool FM praise jam.
The year, 2014 was very adventurous for me. I met some amazing people, gained life lessons and still on track to a successful and fruitful happy life.

Expectation for 2015: God should take control and guide us through. Also pray for a better Nigeria.

Susan Iriri (Actress)

Celebrating Christmas: I'll be spending my Christmas in Lagos. I'll be partying and clubbing, after all it is the season to merry.
Expectation for 2015: Better things in life. God's guidance and protection. More jobs also.